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Welcome All to 0.49.19!

This is another MASSIVE release.

Before delving into the specifics, as one of the veteran developers (aka an old guy) involved in the projects, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all the current developers and contributors, both new and old. The pace has notably accelerated from the slowdown we experienced last year, and this is undoubtedly attributed to the dedication and passion they bring to the projects.

Back to the releases; we've again pushed a ton of code in the last two months. We realize the last few releases have had some issues in them and we know in 0.49.18 Aerospace was broken badly.  It's why we've tried to focus this release on fixes and some improvements. Our hope is in a couple of weeks it can become a new MILESTONE. But that's not say there isn't some really good stuff in here.

There is one major thing you'll notice on opening MegaMek and MegaMekLab - they now default to the Dark Mode(Darcula). The majority of players polled are using it and it just makes sense to default it. Also themes like Nimbus, and Metal have been removed as they cause UI issues that aren't easily fixed. We've started to implement this in MekHQ but given the mess the UI code is in it will take a few releases to get it done.

The big advantage is with standard themes and code between the programs we can start to look at improving things in MekHQ's UI. This will be a long project but a needed one.

If you're someone that likes to read the change logs you'll notice there is lots of prep work for StoryArcs which we anticipate will be officially released in the next release (0.49.20). But here is a small bit of some of the new stuff.

  • MegaMek
    - We now have Black Ice
    - Units now understand Clan Pilots vs Inner Sphere Pilots. Details
    - We got improved built-in unit shadows for units. Details
    - Scenarios now have a dialog to load them. Details
    - Some nag and turn timer updates. Details
    - Introducing some YAML support for AS/SBF units. Details
    - Add split pane to weapon panel above to hit text. Details
    - Set up a simple rotating per-round save file system.
  • MegaMekLab
    - The ability to embed fluff images in the unit files. Details
    - Ability to embed sprites in the unit files. Details
    - Print queue interface improvements. Details
    - Print mul through print queue dialog. Details
    - Implement the Industrial tripod cockpit.
  • MekHQ
    - Adjusted retirement TN and payout values. Details
    - Update planetary conditions chance logic. Details
    - Added Nag for wounded personnel without doctor.
    - Add lances to the force string when sending data to MegaMek. Details
    - Added Nag dialog for pregnant combatants.
    - Unmaintained unit Nag dialog suppressed for units set to salvage.
    - Added ability to collapse/expand logs, missions, and kills in personnel unit screen. Details
    - Reduced personnel table right-click menu clutter. Details
    - Added scenario & mission tracking to kills, added ability to assign kills to scenario and/or mission. Details
  • MekHQ StratCon Alpha
    StratCon continues to be in alpha. But we got some small fixes and changes this release.
    - StratCon Mapgen fix. Details
    - Victory Point terminology changes. Details
    - Base Attack (Defender) objective changes. Details
    - StratCon Air & Arty Modifiers. Details

A Few Reminders:

State of the Universe (January 19, 2024): 
If you haven't given the State of the Universe (read here if you missed it) a read please do. Lots of information in there that is still recent and relevant.

User Data Directory for MegaMek, MegaMekLab, and MekHQ: 
   We've added a customizable **User Data Directory** feature. This allows you to set a single external directory for storing game resources like units, camos, and fonts, which is accessible across different installations and versions of MegaMek, MegaMekLab, and MekHQ. 
   Key Points:
   - Set a Custom Directory: Choose any location on your computer (e.g., `D:/myMMStuff`) to keep your game resources.
   - File Placement:
     - Fonts and units (`.mtf`, `.blk`) can be placed anywhere within this directory.
     - Camo images in `/data/images/camo/`
     - Portrait images in `/data/images/portraits/`
     - Unit fluff images in `/data/images/fluff/<unit type>/`
     - Rank and award definition files (`.xml`) in `/data/universe/`
   - Consistent Access: Resources in this directory are usable across different game versions and modules without needing to relocate them for each new install.
   - Implementation: Set up this directory via the client settings. A game restart is required for changes to take effect.

Removal of Unofficial Units Zip: 
   Based on feedback from our Discord and a poll where 75% of players favored this decision, we've removed the unofficial units zip from this release. This change allows us to focus on canon units. 
   To reintegrate the units:
   - Download the zip file from MegaMek Extras HERE.
   - Right-click and use the "save link as" option.
   - Save it as a zip to the data\mechfiles folder of the program.
     - We suggest saving it to a customs folder within data\mechfiles.
   - They will be added upon restart.

MekHQ Campaign Files: 
   Remember, MekHQ campaign files **are NOT** backwards compatible. Moving your campaign to a newer version prevents reverting to an older one, but keeping backups allows play in both versions for comparison.

When is the next Stable release?
Please review the State of the Universe

Java 11 and 17
We've updated to Java 11. To use the **0.49.x Development branches**, an update is needed. As Java is now open source, we recommend Adoptium Temurin 11. Help pages for Windows and Mac users are available. Linux users should use their package manager to install Adoptium Temurin.

This release also supports Java 17, which has undergone some testing. More player usage is needed, but Java 11 remains our recommended version.

Social Media
Join our official MegaMek Discord, our primary community hub for the suite. We offer superior voice support, individual channels, and assistance for the official public servers. We're also part of community Discords Everything BattleTech and Classic BattleTech. Find us on Facebook at MegaMek BattleTech and MegaMek.

Mac Users
Check out this workaround for Mac Operating Systems.

Interested in contributing? Find out how here.

Updating Your Campaign:
1. Make backups of your campaigns and customs.
2. Treat each release as stand-alone; copy your data forward from older versions, never backward.
3. Do not copy MegaMek saves or any preference file from a different version.

Change Logs (Release Specific) and Download Links

MegaMek Change Log 
Code: [Select]
*Fix 5182 aero space fighter gets engine rating zero in test aero by @Sleet01 in #5183
*Fix MML #1429: MegaMek side of fix for MML NPE in Aero Equipment tab by @Sleet01 in #5176
*Per Issue #5168, implementing lower Arty IDF to-hit for range 17 and under by @Sleet01 in #5184
*SV armor weight and space calculations by @neoancient in #5186
*add null check issue 5177 by @kuronekochomusuke in #5180
*Feature - Black Ice terrain modification by @pheonixstorm in #4521
*Reduce connections between Player/Team and Game/Entity by @SJuliez in #5165
*Adding Clan Personnel Tracking to MegaMek by @SJuliez in #5166
*Fix for 5189: now that the WAA tracks an ammoId, it needs updated when forced to reload by @Sleet01 in #5190
*make emi description constants public for mekhq by @kuronekochomusuke in #5172
*Use full chassis in the OfficialUnitList.txt by @SJuliez in #5201
*Fix 5193: Weapon Bays only work at Short Range by @Sleet01 in #5195
*Unit shadow by @SJuliez in #5188
*Embed Fluff Images in the Unit Files (MM part) by @SJuliez in #5156
*Java LookAndFeels restriction and default by @SJuliez in #5209
*Close loopholes that allow off-board arty to attempt Flak attacks at … by @Sleet01 in #5208
*Fix SH and Tripod crew total calculation (for MHQ Hangar model) by @Sleet01 in #5199
*Update BA armor weight calculations for MML 1439 fix by @Sleet01 in #5196
*Fix parsing of protomech ammo ammounts by @neoancient in #5231
*Check for superheavy when determining IS crits for Clan structure by @neoancient in #5230
*Fix targeting computers being spreadable by @pavelbraginskiy in #5222
*log cleanup by @SJuliez in #5217
*Fix Seabuster (Early) by @pavelbraginskiy in #5212
*Dialog for choosing scenarios by @SJuliez in #5211
*Adding some Fonts by @SJuliez in #5210
*Part of icon chooser (MML) by @SJuliez in #5213
*Unbreak units with targeting computers by @pavelbraginskiy in #5239
*EntityImage: Handle unknown elevation exceptions by @SJuliez in #5216
*Fix for infantry skipping non-ammo-fed infantry weapons during attack phase by @Sleet01 in #5226
*Add test to ensure every unit can load by @pavelbraginskiy in #5241
*Can't pod-mount null-sig system by @pavelbraginskiy in #5244
*checks for enemy hidden units by @kuronekochomusuke in #5236
*copy player when adding to boardPreviewGame by @kuronekochomusuke in #5235
*Prevent drop shadows for multihex units by @SJuliez in #5246
*Fix MML 1365: Sponson Turrets not being included in TechLevel calcs by @Sleet01 in #5240
*add additional zoom levels and font adjustment levels by @kuronekochomusuke in #5218
*Fix 5229: Multi-Trac units not firing energy weapons by @Sleet01 in #5248
*Refactor code to add new units to a C3 network by @pavelbraginskiy in #5259
*Flat darcula skin by @kuronekochomusuke in #5257
*bind escape to the close action on various dialogs by @kuronekochomusuke in #5256
*Show CF Warning over isometric bridges and turrets. Fixes #5219 by @HoneySkull in #5263
*Load data from story arcs by @AaronGullickson in #5266
*nag and turn timer updates by @kuronekochomusuke in #5254
*Read/Write AS/SBF units by @SJuliez in #5249
*Fix 5204: Fighter Squadron weapon crits and group damage application by @Sleet01 in #5251
*fix npe on skip movement by @kuronekochomusuke in #5269
*Add disconnectQuietly flag to ClientGUI by @AaronGullickson in #5277
*Set crew requirements for units with Drone OS to 0 by @pavelbraginskiy in #5262
*Planetary Conditions Enums by @kuronekochomusuke in #5203
*add split pane to weapon panel above to hit text by @kuronekochomusuke in #5270
*Make EntityListFile.writeEntityList public by @AaronGullickson in #5282
*Make SI damage round naturally and have minimum of 1 by @Sleet01 in #5274
*For crew calculations, consider pintle weapons in the same location as in the same pintle by @pavelbraginskiy in #5285
*correct issue when using multiple boards and restricting deploy any t… by @kuronekochomusuke in #5278
*Clan/IS names correction for the RatGenEditor by @SJuliez in #5294
*Output clanperson variable to XML by @AaronGullickson in #5300
*Issue 5298 - check isAero() before casting to IAero by @kuronekochomusuke in #5299
*Fix #5298 Illegal Cast Exception when lowering elevation with a VTO by @kuronekochomusuke in #5304
*Set RISC APDS Alpha Strike damage to 0 by @SJuliez in #5309
*Princess Behaviour Update by @Thom293 in #5305
*Fix 3882 (MM part): ASFs not tracked correctly in MHQ by @Sleet01 in #5293
*Fix 5205: Handle ConcurrentModification and NPE from opening dialogs while Roun… by @Sleet01 in #5302
*MM portion of fix for MHQ 3803: mismatch and missing parent faction check by @Sleet01 in #5306
*Build blocker: Fix ambiguous LogManager import introduced by IDE auto-import by @Sleet01 in #5311
*Fixes #5307 build warning, missing deprecation annotation. by @HoneySkull in #5315
*Improved MissionRole Switch Cases & Role List by @IllianiCBT in #5289
*Industrial tripod cockpit by @neoancient in #5291
*Fix #3306: Vehicle Lance Movement prevents full deployment of turrets by @AaronGullickson in #5317
*add client settings for report colors by @kuronekochomusuke in #5303
*Restoring shaded icons by @SJuliez in #5324
*Fix #3978 [MekHQ]: NPE When Attempting to Save (Manual or Auto) by @AaronGullickson in #5331
*Fix reading player names from savegames by @SJuliez in #5322
*Fixes #5280 NPE updating 'convert mode button' by @HoneySkull in #5335
*Fix MekHQ #3986: MHQ wont save, sometimes by @AaronGullickson in #5338
*#5348 stop adding jump start step when deleting movement by @Lu9us in #5352
*Util update and small icon error correction by @SJuliez in #5353
*Fix null pointer when turning with shortcut keys in movement phase. by @HoneySkull in #5351
*Implements #5261: Simple rotating per-round save file system. by @Sleet01 in #5359
*FIX: NPE when attacking a unit on a building when Blood Stalking another unit. by @HoneySkull in #5354
*correct issue when using multiple boards and restricting deployment a… by @kuronekochomusuke in #5367
*Added Faction Logos from UCC (With Permission) by @rjhancock in #5366
*Fixes #5215 - Secondary turret firing arc display to reflect turret rotation. (tanks) by @HoneySkull in #5368
*Image name fixes by @rjhancock in #5372
*Fix #5343: damage display not showing damage color when multiples used by @Sleet01 in #5371
*Fix: #2659 - Mek Quad turret firing arc reflects turret rotation changes. by @HoneySkull in #5373
*Correct mek arc facing when mek is turned. by @HoneySkull in #5377
*Fix #5375: quirks and SPAs applying twice to ADA missiles only by @Sleet01 in #5376

MegaMekLab Change Log
Code: [Select]
*Fix 1429: mounted.getLinked() is null by @Sleet01 in #1433
*Dependency cleanup by @neoancient in #1435
*Fix integer overflow in determining maximum number of bay doors by @neoancient in #1436
*Revert to use ETYPE_AERO in MML by @SJuliez in #1437
*Embed Fluff Images in the Unit Files by @SJuliez in #1423
*Add columns to cluster hits table on record sheet for MGA and streak weapons by @neoancient in #1443
*Fix NPE in armor type lookup for industrial. by @neoancient in #1442
*Java LookAndFeels restriction and default by @SJuliez in #1441
*Fix infantry weapon resetting on year change by @pavelbraginskiy in #1448
*Pagebreaks by @pavelbraginskiy in #1447
*Icon chooser in MML by @SJuliez in #1444
*Add icons to MML by @SJuliez in #1450
*Add a button to the fluff tab to remove an embedded fluff image by @SJuliez in #1451
*Show unit icon in the Unit Selector by @SJuliez in #1455
*Print queue interface improvements by @pavelbraginskiy in #1457
*When printing from MUL, calculate BV from C3/Tag by @pavelbraginskiy in #1462
*Print mul through print queue dialog by @pavelbraginskiy in #1460
*Fix BA manipulator assignments by @neoancient in #1463
*If 'Use game year' enabled, use that year for unit search by @pavelbraginskiy in #1465
*Use configured game year in both cases of unit search by @pavelbraginskiy in #1469
*Reset CI field guns when setting tech level to Standard by @pavelbraginskiy in #1467
*Match critical slot sort order to specification by @pavelbraginskiy in #1471
*MML portion of fix for MHQ 3803: Fixed mismatch by @Sleet01 in #1473
*Industrial tripod cockpit by @neoancient in #1472
*Fix #5252: critical assignment tab eq list missing keywords like "Ammo" and "[Half]" or "[Full]" by @Sleet01 in #1484
*Show a warning when attempting to print the invalid current unit by @pavelbraginskiy in #1478

MekHQ Change Log
Code: [Select]
*Adding Clan Personnel Tracking to MegaMek by @SJuliez in #3845
*Partial fix for failing refit tests by @Sleet01 in #3853
*Bump GitHub action versions by @sixlettervariables in #3859
*Fix 3775: unable to assign nonsuperheavy crew by @Sleet01 in #3855
*Fix 3848: Unit bays not accepting Aeros for transport, with unit test by @Sleet01 in #3851
*Fix 3856: aeros dont appear in basic unit information by @Sleet01 in #3857
*BadEvent Modifier Fix by @Thom293 in #3875
*StratCon Mapgen Fix by @Thom293 in #3874
*[Enhancement] 499 new callsigns by @IllianiCBT in #3865
*[Refactoring] Fixed Typo and Removed Indents by @IllianiCBT in #3866
*Interstellar Map Hiring Hall Highlight by @Thom293 in #3878
*Fix 3839: load last save loads clientsettings.xml instead by @Sleet01 in #3869
*[#3730] Victory Point Terminology Changes by @IllianiCBT in #3891
*[Balance] Adjusted Retirement TN and Payout Values by @IllianiCBT in #3867
*update clearGameData by @kuronekochomusuke in #3877
*[Balance] [AtB/StratCon] Base Attack (Defender) Objective Changes by @IllianiCBT in #3889
*[Typo] Corrected Typo in Mass Repair Dialog by @IllianiCBT in #3892
*[Bug Fix] #2990 - Fixed Victory Point Allocation on Draw by @IllianiCBT in #3888
*[Bug] [Company Generator] Correct Starting Cash Dice Count by @IllianiCBT in #3895
*Disconnect quietly from GameThread for MekHQ by @AaronGullickson in #3900
*update planetary conditions chance logic by @kuronekochomusuke in #3834
*[Enhancement] Added 255 New Callsigns (redux) by @IllianiCBT in #3902
*Correct writing to XML of EMI and Blowing Sand conditions by @AaronGullickson in #3903
*Write BotForce entities to XML with EntityListFile by @AaronGullickson in #3906
*Fix 3880 cannot refit clan mechs due to renames by @Sleet01 in #3899
*[Typo] Corrected Typo in testIsTechBA by @IllianiCBT in #3917
*Capitalize deadborder directory for MM consistency by @AaronGullickson in #3948
*Added Nag Dialog for Prisoners of War Outside of Contracts by @IllianiCBT in #3942
*Change ransomed unit buttons to sold unit button in scenario resolve dialog by @AaronGullickson in #3956
*MekHQ fix for mismatch and missing parent faction check by @Sleet01 in #3945
*Add Tech/Vessel Column to Tech Skills View by @IllianiCBT in #3916
*StratCon Air & Arty Modifiers by @Thom293 in #3947
*Add disabled option for Personnel Market by @AaronGullickson in #3953
*Fix #3949: Custom ScenarioObjectives do not change ScenarioStatus in ResolveScenarioWizardDialog by @AaronGullickson in #3950
*No selling units in scenario resolution if campaign disallows selling by @AaronGullickson in #3958
*Variable OperationalVP Added to by @IllianiCBT in #3951
*Fix 3882: update Aerospace handling and reporting in MHQ by @Sleet01 in #3925
*Prevent advancing day with pending vanilla scenarios by @AaronGullickson in #3930
*Added Nag for Wounded Personnel without Doctor by @IllianiCBT in #3937
*add lances to the force string when sending data to megamek by @kuronekochomusuke in #3901
*3901: add lances to the force string when sending data to megamek for… by @kuronekochomusuke in #3962
*Add missing cockpit costs and weights by @neoancient in #3922
*Added Nag Dialog for Pregnant Combatants by @IllianiCBT in #3944
*Unmaintained Unit Nag Dialog Suppressed for Units set to Salvage by @IllianiCBT in #3943
*Clamped Unit Rating Mod for CamOps (redux) by @IllianiCBT in #3933
*Hide Toughness When 0 by @IllianiCBT in #3923
*Added Dialog to Confirm New Campaign (redux) by @IllianiCBT in #3915
*Adjusted Default Tech Counts by @IllianiCBT in #3908
*Adjusted Zoom Speed on Interstellar Map Panel by @IllianiCBT in #3967
*Move new lance creation to AtBGameThread by @AaronGullickson in #3973
*add missing folder to build files by @kuronekochomusuke in #3987
*Load bot entities in the chat lounge by @AaronGullickson in #3983
*Add all deployment variables to BotForce by @AaronGullickson in #3991
*Fix #3767: NPE while scouting if AtB tries to generate enemy with SPAs not found in MM by @Sleet01 in #3994
*Implements RFE #3995: Set default theme to overall suite default at startup... by @Sleet01 in #3997
*Added Ability to Collapse/Expand Logs, Missions and Kills in Personnel Unit Screen by @IllianiCBT in #3968
*Reduced Personnel Table Right-Click Menu Clutter by @IllianiCBT in #3970
*Removed Unnecessary Error Log by @IllianiCBT in #3985
*Added Scenario & Mission Tracking to Kills, Added Ability to Assign Kills to Scenario and/or Mission by @IllianiCBT in #3988
*Fixed Ship Search Overvaluing Ultra-Green Personnel by @IllianiCBT in #3990
*Add new player deployment variables to Scenario by @AaronGullickson in #3996
*Fix MHQ #4002: prevent infinite loop while assigning SPAs by removing unusable entries by @Sleet01 in #4009
*Fixed Untreated Personnel Nag Triggering for Prisoners. by @IllianiCBT in #4003

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When unzipping you might see an error about overwriting a image file. It's ok to overwrite the image, its a duplicate.
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Has the issues with Aerospace in0.49.18 where we keep getting errors been fixed?


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Has the issues with Aerospace in0.49.18 where we keep getting errors been fixed?

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New Units and RAT's aren't added until after the 2 month release moratorium is passed.
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Perfect, thanks.