Author Topic: Enhancement idea: Company-level fights rather than only lance/platoon-level ones  (Read 249 times)


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(possibly AtB-specific.  Don't know enough about Stratcon, but it seems like this might be nigh-impossible with it (??))

Has any thought been given to what would be required to allow fewer company-level fights rather than the current number of lance/platoon-level fights?

Specifically, how to do this as a campaign option that does not affect contract generation / deployment limits / pay.

Maybe in any week that 3 or more lance-level fights are rolled, there is some chance that 3 of the fights are instead combined into one company-level fight?

If such an enhancement were in MM as an option, how many of the community would consider using it?
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Between player deployed reinforcements, plus scenario modifiers, scaling factors, etc., it's already pretty easy to have over a company in forces for most scenarios.  If you want actual company-scale deployments that's doable - you put individual game units under a company level entry in the TO&E instead of a lance/star/tactical formation entry, ending up with 12 (or however many) units rather than the 4-6.  You lose the ability to track the subordinate structures, though, and the game size (map, OpFor numbers, etc.) blows up very quickly.

I should have a feature request in the tracker somewhere, requesting that deployable formations are flagged through a deliberate identifier in the TO&E rather than auto-selected based on which formations have deployable units directly under them.
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