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Issue with Salvage %
« on: 02 May 2024, 12:08:14 »
I've known for years that there was something wrong with the way the percents are calculated in the salvage ownership step, but it seemed to be beneficial to me *and reasonably consistent*, so it didn't seem to be worth bringing up.  But this is just egregiously strange and cannot possibly be hand-waved away as "oh, its just your settings."

With ownership of all salvage going to employer:
Total value salvaged (Mercs):       29,382,439 C-Bill
Total value salvaged (Employer):  70,183,956 C-Bill
Percentage:                                30% (max 30%)

But if I select a few cheap pieces of salvage for myself, then my percentage DECREASES ?!?!

Total value salvaged (Mercs):       29,854,145 C-Bill
Total value salvaged (Employer):  69,712,250 C-Bill
Percentage:                                29% (max 30%)

As someone who ages ago was (sort of) a coder, I wonder ... How in the world could this code be written to display this sort of behavior?!  Actually, let me answer my own question - I'm guessing there are two different places where the percentage is calculated and they are doing the rounding differently (?)

(To save people the effort of doing it themselves, the true percentages above are 29.51% and 29.98%)

How this affects play:
Normally (assuming there is a lot that I want to claim in this batch of salvage) I might select a bunch of vehicle salvage until I am somewhere around 30.8% then choose a mech as my final piece of salvage and go to perhaps ... 32 or 33%.
But if I am over my limit from my previous fight, and the new batch of salvage means I am at, for example, 30.6% before anything is chosen, then it rounds up to 31% and I am not allowed to choose anything at all.
In one case, the program lets me continue claiming salvage even if I am at 30.99%, while in a different case I am not allowed to claim anything at all if I am at 30.51%  This is not broken, but at the very least it is a strange design choice (from my perspective).

To be clear, this isn't a show-stopper by any stretch.  The game is still very playable.  I just feel like this is representative of the MANY tiny bugs/weird-design-choices (and a few not so tiny ones) in MM that aren't being addressed while more and more new features are added.


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Re: Issue with Salvage %
« Reply #1 on: 02 May 2024, 13:19:15 »
I don't know how the salvage function works in MM but there is something that occurs to me on an "in universe" scale for this.

Is it an issue with Price/PIECE of salvage?

Like, is it 8mil for this mech, 5 mil for this mech, 3 mil for this tank, and the system divides them up by chassis to get as close to 30 as possible but when you choose a few pieces yourself then the system had to divide it again w/o those pieces & so a piece or 2 got flipped around from first try & you lost a bit of raw $$/%% by taking certain chassis?

IE.  Originally you had an Archer at 6.5 Million but then choose a Guillotine at 6.0 million but the formula didn't have another 1/2 million to give you in another close chassis?

I don't know really how MM does it but if your entitled to a max % & its on a per chassis from the actual battle, then that might be it?
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Re: Issue with Salvage %
« Reply #2 on: 02 May 2024, 13:49:12 »
Nothing like that - its not an issue of Exchange, nor one of settings.   
Nor is it me changing my mind about what we will claim, and confusing MM about how the % should be calculated.

There is no default (or random) salvage assigned to the mercs.  Every single piece of salvage by default is assigned to the employer.  The mercs only get the salvage that they CAN and DO claim.

MM is just making a decision Here based on one rounding of the percentage, and making a decision over There based on a different rounding of the percentage.