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MegamekHQ -> Logs...
« on: 25 May 2024, 15:41:27 »
can i free delete anything that says "Bot_Solaris SHDL Mercenaries.mul" or similar, in order to regain memory?

(and on the subject of game memory, goes things like the amount of custom designs or the SIZE of some files, like the Universe file that holds all the in game news briefs)?
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Re: MegamekHQ -> Logs...
« Reply #1 on: 25 May 2024, 17:49:17 »
Not sure what creates that file but if it's not part of the original installation or your force it should be fine to delete.

That said, MULs are _tiny_ and if they're generated after every mission,  you'll just end up having to delete one after every game.

Anyhow, you're conflating memory and storage space.  Deleting files might save storage space but it won't affect how much memory MekHQ uses.
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