Author Topic: (Answered) Tractor/Trailer combinations and "Number of units"  (Read 2875 times)


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Something I noticed the first time I was able to play with my Mobile Long Tom mini (There's really no way to make it not sound like a euphemism, but so far this is the least lewd), was that you have the actual Cannon-bearing tractor that we're all familiar with, but it's also towing another 5 trailers (3 ammo-2 support, or is it the other way?) Long story short, it's a rather large number.

If FSM or number of units per side starts coming into question, does a Mobile Long Tom unit count as six units on the table, Three? or is it just one?
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Re: (Research) Tractor/Trailer combinations and "Number of units"
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One unit: trailers do not count as units no matter how many there are as long as they are hooked to a unit.
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