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(Answered) Trailer Controls and Engines and Crews
« on: 30 March 2020, 17:57:51 »
So you can make a Combat Vehicle into a trailer. TM page 99 has the basic rules

"Units built as Trailers do not require an engine, control systems, or crew, unless they area also expected to operate without a suitable Tractor unit, or are expected to employ heavy weapons and equipment while operating independently of a unit with an engine."

Page 101 and 103 basically say the same thing in the Engine and control and crews section (while adding that if you need an engine, you use a rating 10 engine).

The question is, can you have an engine without control systems and crew (or any one without the others), or if you have one, you have to take the other two?

The big sticking point I think is the whole "operating independently" that's mentioned, since the rules are a little too simple.

For example, can I build a Trailer that has weapons and crew and controls, but no engine, because I expect it to be always tethered to the the tractor?

Can I build a trailer with just crew and controls, and then tether it to a trailer that just has an engine?

Which of course also begs the question how far can these things be daisy chained together?

Examples provided
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Re: (Research) Trailer Controls and Engines and Crews
« Reply #1 on: 09 May 2021, 15:56:01 »
If the trailer needs heat sinks, amplifiers, etc., it needs to supply that itself.  Trailers can't mooch off of other trailers for essentials: no daisy chaining in this regard.
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