Author Topic: Ammo and Excessive Ammo BV rule  (Read 927 times)


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Ammo and Excessive Ammo BV rule
« on: 02 August 2023, 00:31:41 »
Howdy.  Trying to put stuff in the right place.  Since this is a question/speculative, I guess moonsword wants it here.

The Excessive ammunition rule in techmanual states that an ammunition weapon stops counting ammo for BV when it has exceeded the original BV of the gun.  However, each ton of ammo is exactly 12.5% the guns BV, and energy weapons with infinite ammo pay exactly 25% BV for not having ammo dependency.  Shouldnt the excessive ammunition rule stop counting ammo BV at 25% of the weapons BV, as that is the point the ammo based weapon costs the same as an energy based one?  Since the BV cutoff is coming from an extra rule, the excessive ammunition rule, I figured id ask if this rule should be 25% instead of 100%, as 25% is the price markup for infinite ammo energy weapons.