Author Topic: Protomech and Battle Armor missile weapon BV and partial ammo tons  (Read 984 times)


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For protomechs and battle armor, both have a rule that states they can take ammo in less then full ton allocations, modifying BV of the ammo (and only the ammo) by the fraction of the ammo taken.  However, the issue comes with low shot count items versus OS launchers.  An OS launcher has no ammo BV, and further costs 1/5th the launcher type.  A regular launcher with 1 shot of ammo, however, costs 100% launcher bv instead of 1/5th, plus the fractional ammo BV.  This makes the 2 shot launcher on the elemental suit much much more expensive then 2 separate OS launchers, despite 2 OS launchers being better/more flexible.  This is illustrated in the Rache battle armor.  It jumps 4 instead of 3, and is armed with 2 OS SRM3s, but it costs LESS then the otherwise identical battle armor despite having 25% more jump and 50% more missiles.

Question: for protomechs and elementals with rules for partial ammo loads, shouldnt there be a provision for launchers with less then 5 total shots costing less, the same as OS launchers use the cost in the / for OS launchers?  The BV table already gives the BV of missile weapons on a per shot basis, and the construction rules already has a line about partial ammo loads for protomechs and battle armor.