Author Topic: Calculate Anti-BattleMech Battle Rating (infantry)  (Read 95 times)


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Calculate Anti-BattleMech Battle Rating (infantry)
« on: 03 June 2024, 05:52:04 »
I'm sorry, I completely misunderstood a text and posted a stupid question. I figured it out, but had some side questions.

Under Battle Value for Conventional Infantry, the Techmanual states "If the unit can perform Leg and Swarm Attacks, add the individual weapons Battle Rating. Do not include archaic weapons."

Does that mean the Base Weapon Battle Value, which we already added in a previous step, is added again in case the unit is capable of making Swarm attacks? Which is most of the time, keeping the exceptions from Total Warfare page 220 in mind?

I had some issues calculating the BV of Infantry using an older version of the Tech Manual I dug up. I think it's a version from around 2007 (Wizzkids/Fanpro logos on the cover), have BV calculations changed much since then? I only recently got into BattleTech, some of the books are sold out everywhere, so I'm making the best of the materials I have access to in an attempt to generate some numbers for simple infantry platoons.

Also, the books aren't all that clear on what a single base represents. Am I correct in the assumption a single base represents a Platoon, not a squad, and that a maximum of 4 platoons can occupy a single hex? I thought they were squads at first (given the number of dudes per base) and got confused why damage numbers are generated per platoon (and not squad).
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