Author Topic: (Answered) Anti-'Mech Infantry Attacks (AM) and Reflective Armor (RFA)  (Read 2466 times)

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The rules for Anti-'Mech (AM) attacks state that:

Anti-’Mech Infantry attacks are treated as a physical attack (see p. 45).

Reflective Armor (RFA) has the language that:

If, on the other hand, a unit with this ability suffers damage from any physical attack (cut listing of other applicable rules) double the damage applied by that attack.

Would an attack using the AM special do double damage to an RFA unit?

Thank you.

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Re: Anti-'Mech Infantry Attacks (AM) and Reflective Armor (RFA)
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Yes, Anti-'Mech is a physical attack and as a physical attack does double damage to RFA.
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