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(Answered) Command Consoles vs. Mobile HQs
« on: 07 October 2011, 08:47:44 »
I want to gain an understanding as to why CGL would give a 'mech with one person in a dedicated seat in a command console (with a total weight of 3T, which means that not only does the command console cockpit weigh the same amount as a standard cockpit - TechManual pg. 52 - but that means the communications equipment weight is WAY below the 3T to 6T required in Tactical Operations pg. 194 to validate even a +1 initiative bonus) the same potential initiative bonus as a Mobile HQ (TRO3025 & TRO3039) which in addition to having 7T dedicated to communications equipment (required on pg. 194 of Tactical Operations to achieve a +2 bonus to initiative) also has the following features as detailed in the capabilities section in the TRO3039 entry for the Mobile HQ on pg. 32:

    "Dominating the center of the floor is a TriHolo table, capable of showing the surrounding terrain and individual troop members, including known enemy positions. The sophisticated battle computer can also display various projections of the battle’s future and possible avenues to follow based on whatever variables the commander entered into the system.
     Three communications stations allow a commander and his staff of seven commtechs to maintain constant contact with their forces.  The powerful transmitters are capable of piercing most jamming systems and can even connect to distant JumpShips using the collapsible main array on the roof. The interior of the communications room is kept stable by a complex and dynamic suspension system that allows normal activity within despite the speed of the truck."

Obviously, the Mobile HQ and Command Console couldn't be less similar when you compare the two, so you can't help but wonder; why in the world would they each have the same initiative bonus?

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