Author Topic: (Answered) Can an iNARC ECM pod be configured as ECCM?  (Read 2232 times)

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(Answered) Can an iNARC ECM pod be configured as ECCM?
« on: 24 October 2011, 23:19:39 »
Here's the scenario:

I have tons of Archers, Longbows, and Catapults loaded with NARC-guided LRMs. The enemy has ECM units blocking my NARC guidence systems. I send my Scorpion 12Cs forward and they have iNARC launchers. Can the Scorpions be equipped with the iNARC ECM pods configured as ECCM to shut down the enemy ECM units?

For example, a Marauder 5L or 5R (both have ECM suites) is hit by an iNARC ECCM pod. Will that shut down its own ECM suite?

Mod Note: answered in the latest errata.
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