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Ok, the Advanced Determining Critical Hits rule is on pg. 74 of TacOps. This rule allows for a bonus to the critical hit roll when the damage value of the weapon causing the crit is higher. My question is how to apply this in the case of ammo explosions, with and without CASE.

TW, pg. 125 says that you need to make a critical hit roll for ammunition explosions. My question is what damage value should be used for this calculation. If you use the full damage of the explosion, then the crit roll is almost always going to get a +4 bonus which can easily cause a chain reaction of bad outcomes.

This isn't so much an issue on mechs without CASE because they are probably goners anyway, but it gets complicated when CASE is involved. Let say I have a mech with 7 internal structure left in its RT that gets an ammo explosion there for 100 points. If it has CASE, what should the damage value be for the crit roll? 100? 7? Something else?
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Re: Advanced Determining Critical Hits Rule and Ammo Explosion
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The rule applies only to damage taken from weapon attacks. Damage taken from falls, ammo explosions, etc do not get modified by this table.

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