Author Topic: (Answered) Marine Points to Battle Armor Conversion Rates  (Read 2118 times)


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Hi, I'm wondering how to interpret the table on Page 202 of Tactical Operations.

In the BA Modifiers section it lists the following..

Mounts Claws &/or Magnets  =  +1
Mounts Vibro-Claws  =  +1

So, is that per Claw you get a +1 ?
Or, Do you have to mount 2 of them to get the bonus ?
Is a Vibro Claw a +2
By Magnets do they mean the Claw Magnets like the Salamander...OR... The MagClamps like the Fa Shih?
What is the bonus if you add some combination of the above ?
For example, say you have a single Vibro Claw, a Regular Claw, and MagClamps all on the design ?
Depending on how its read I could see that being a +0 to +4 in bonus range.

Thanks for any clarification you can give  :)

Mod Note: answered in latest errata.
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