Author Topic: Tactic use of Fieldguns and Infantry question.  (Read 1974 times)


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Tactic use of Fieldguns and Infantry question.
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Re: Infantry and Field Guns
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By strict game play rules, the Field Gun infantry cannot be separated from their field gun. The entire unit represents a tow vehicle (jeep, small truck, etc) and the towed field piece. Most APCs do not have tow hitches and would not have the right size hitch if they did.

Think of loading a truck and trailer into the back of a C-130. That's how it would work.

This is for strict game play, on the map sheet rules. For between battles, what works for your game is what you should do.

Joel BC

How would a Comstar / Word of Blake Field Gun Infantry Platoon of 36-men be able to be used? As far as I am informed, they have to be split into 2 equal units. No platoon can be more than 30-men max. So how am I be able to field them? Unless you'll allow a split of some kind. Or do they share the split but act differently as separate units?

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