Author Topic: (Answered) How does artillery impact mechanized Battle armor?  (Read 292 times)


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Hi, thank you for fielding questions.

Mechanized battle armor ride on the torsos of an omnimech (TW227) which is usually 1 level up.  An artillery strike does damage to all units in a hex but its damage is reduced at higher vertical levels.

TACOPS AR PG 153 "All units and structures occupying a hex hit by an artillery attack take full damage from the attack."
As you go higher, the artillery does less damage:
TACOPS AR PG 153"For each subsequent elevation above the level of the underlying struck hex, reduce the damage by 10 points"

So do elementals riding on a mech at lvl 1 take full damage?  Or do they take damage reduced by 10 pts?

Second question:  You have indicated that mech mortars firing airburst ammunition do not hit vtols and only hit ground units, do they also hit mechanized elementals as these are "ground units" or are they at lvl 1 and therefore immune?
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Re: How does artillery impact mechanized Battle armor?
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Re: (Research) How does artillery impact mechanized Battle armor?
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Follow the standard damage procedure for mechanized battle armor in this case.

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