Author Topic: IR Sensors vs Stealth Systems  (Read 290 times)


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IR Sensors vs Stealth Systems
« on: 23 March 2024, 16:23:44 »
In the current 6th printing of TacOps, in the double-blind sensor rules, IR sensors are able to detect all units, not just "hot" units. Combined with their superior range and their ability to see through buildings, they're currently superior to the standard mech radar under almost all circumstances.

In addition to this, though, the table on page 192 suggests that unlike radar, IR suffers no penalties from any kind of ECM or stealth systems, even those systems (infantry IR stealth, stealth armor, null-sig, void-sig) that are explicitly designed to conceal heat signatures.

Is there a rule I'm missing that handles this, or is this an oversight?