Author Topic: Rearming Under Fire and Battle Armor Clarifications  (Read 216 times)


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Rearming Under Fire and Battle Armor Clarifications
« on: 09 April 2024, 22:11:58 »
The Rearming Under Fire rules on pages 181-182 of Tactical Operations: Advanced Rules are specified to function as a modification of the rules for Loading and Unloading Units presented on page 261 of Total Warfare.

In the context of Battle Armor, however, there are some unclear aspects:

1. Bullet point #3 indicates that for each successfully loaded ton of ammunition, a 2D6 roll is required and on a roll of 11+, the unit being rearmed suffers an ammo explosion. However Battle Armor are later noted on page 182 to fully rearm all ammo-tracking weapons rather than to be loaded on a per-ton basis. Are Battle Armor also required to roll for possible ammo explosions and if so, how is the damage calculated and/or applied.

1A. As a corollary, Protomechs are reloaded in the same manner as Battle Armor and also (to my understanding) cannot normally experience ammunition explosions. Are Protomechs vulnerable to ammo explosion as a result of rearming under fire, and if so, how is the damage calculated and/or applied?

2. As a further clarification regarding ammo explosion effects, it is also noted that units which are being rearmed and are also struck by enemy fire in any rear locations causes all ammunition in the struck unit to explode. However Battle Armor and Protomechs do not have rear hit locations, are they still affected by this?

3. Per the Loading and Unloading rules on page 261 of Total Warfare, a friendly infantry unit or battle armor unit is required to be present to unload if the cargo carrier has no lift hoist. Can a Battle Armor squad reload themselves from an eligible ammo carrier? For example could a squad of Grenadier battle armor reload their own, emptied, SRM-4s from the canon Flatbed Truck, assuming the latter had a sufficient supply of the correct ammunition and did not have a lift hoist?

3a. If the answer to #3 is yes, does this apply to all types of battle armor or only humanoid battlesuits? That is, could a squad of Fenrir quad battle armor also reload themselves from an eligible ammo carrier that lacks a lift hoist and without any other units present excepting the unit to be rearmed and the unit with the supply of ammo?

4. Can Battle Armor with sufficient Mission Equipment Storage act as ammo carriers? For example, if a battle armor design included 500 kg of MES, could this be used to carry ammo for other units, particularly other battle armor?