Author Topic: (Answered) Turret facing in the artillery Targeting phase  (Read 308 times)


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This question is somewhat related to

Under 'Rotating the firing arcs' p105 TW:
Vehicles: Turret-mounted weapons in vehicles can be positioned to fire through any hexside, per the Torso/Turret Twist rules, page 37. Treat turret arcs as the forward arc, except that they are defined by the hexside at which the turret is currently pointing, not the hexside toward which the vehicle is facing.

Given that turret facing changes occur when declaring a weapon attack in the 'Weapon Attack phase' turret mounted artillery cannot be turned/twisted in the 'Targeting phase' (p147 TO: AR).

Considering the number of canon vehicles that have artillery mounted in turrets it would seem odd if the turrets can't be turned before firing (other than direct fire) but can still turn their turrets and have them flip back in the end phase pointlessly. Clearly there won't be any mention in TW of being able to turn turrets in a phase that doesn't exist in TW, or torso twist in TO:AR, so this seems an artifact of having the rules separated in the way they are.

In the context of the changes to torso twisting to use TAG:

1. Is it the current intention to strictly prohibit the ability of artillery to turn turrets before firing artillery weapons?
2. If turret turning before artillery weapon declaration is possible, should there be appropriate wording added in TO?
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Re: (Research) Turret facing in the artillery Targeting phase
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They are largely treated as a stationary vehicular unit for purposes of stacking and making or receiving attacks, but as a building for tracking damage. They can change turret direction during any phase where targeting is possible, but only once per turn.

If the turret direction is changed during the Targeting phase, no further changes can be made that turn. However, if the turret was already pointed the correct way prior to this turn, you can still change its direction during the Weapon Attack Phase if desired.

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Re: (Answered) Turret facing in the artillery Targeting phase
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This question has nothing at all to do with gun emplacements. It's specifically to do with turrets mounted on vehicles.