Author Topic: Fuel Cells on Combat (and other) Vehicles  (Read 2059 times)


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Fuel Cells on Combat (and other) Vehicles
« on: 17 August 2011, 18:37:32 »
On pg 307 of TacOps it states that fuel cell engines work the same for Battlemechs as they do for Industrial mechs.  It goes on to say to use the rules for industrial mechs found in Total Warfare (pg. 135) when determining critical damage for fuel cell equipped mechs.  However, no mention is made for how critical damage affects fuel cells on vehicles.  It only states to use the fuel consumption rules in TM for both Battlemechs and vehicles that mount fuel cell engines. 

So the question is, what is the rule for dealing with critical hits to fuel tanks and engine hits for combat vehicles?  Does the fuel tank explode?  Does the engine?