Author Topic: (Answered) Aerospace Area Effect weapons, scattering, and damage on Space map  (Read 813 times)


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I believe I am correct that Aerospace AE weapons, for instance the Long Tom Cannon mounted on an ASF like the Jengiz, cannot scatter if their attack rolls miss while on the Space map.

Is it also correct that they do not deal damage to other units in the same hex as the target if they hit?


* Rules ref for Artillery Cannons not damaging adjacent hexes (including in Space) when fired by Aerospace: TO: AU&E pg. 97
* Rules ref for Artillery Cannons scattering _on Ground / Low Altitude maps specifically_, implied that they do not on High Alt / Space maps: TO: AU&E pg. 97
* Rules ref for Artillery scattering: TO: AR pg. 150. (This should not apply to Artillery Cannon attacks because Aerospace units treat them as Autocannons _and_ cannot make Artillery attacks except with Arrow IV below Row 5 of the High Alt map [TO: AR pg 149])
* Rules ref for AE weapons possibly damaging all targets in a given Space hex on a hit: TW pg. 113, but vice Artillery Flak only damaging one unit in a High Altitude hex: TO: AR pg. 153

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Re: Aerospace Area Effect weapons, scattering, and damage on Space map
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Page references please, as per the sticky.
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I've confirmed with Sleet this post answers the questions.

Damage is applied as a single hit to one location.  There is no damage from the attack to other units.

AE only affects armor types and other damage modifiers.
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