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Fan Articles / Re: MotW: Vulcan
« Last post by Daryk on Today at 13:12:36 »
Just checking in to double stamp what others have said about anti-building work.  I was in a campaign game where we chased the opposition into a bunker defended by some hefty LRM batteries.  Our response was to call up the Vulcan.  We had to reload twice, but bunker was rubble when we were done... ;)

I agree the AC/2 is a niche weapon, but it's a niche pretty much any force above Lance size should have filled.
Clan Chatterweb / Re: Terra. Home to ilClan Wolf.
« Last post by tassa_kay on Today at 13:01:29 »
There’s a reason Alaric’s true lineage has been covered up at the highest levels, and it isn’t because no one would care just because he’s winning a lot. I imagine the Clans (and maybe most especially the Wolves) would have a huge problem with learning that their victory came at the hands of a Steiner-Davion lab experiment. The post-WoR Clans aren’t gonna look too kindly on genetic deceptions. Alaric certainly isn’t invincible, either, as Anastasia Kerensky has handed him his ass before.
There's always an easy explanation to the 3250 blurbs: whoever wrote it was a sycophant. I'm sure there are tons of letters written during the Succession Wars to the "First Lord" about a campaign to "subdue the rebels"

Anyway, I think the popularity of Star League stuff can be chalked up to this being the second time they offered similar stuff. I've already got the stuff for the faction I actually play, so I grabbed a patch for the army my boys in the 2nd were briefly a part of in 3059.
BattleMechs / Re: Air-Slip Mechs
« Last post by LAMFAN on Today at 12:46:54 »
Hovering and flying are at the same level. If you want to go higher you pay MP to go higher. Hovering just lets the AirMech avoid the required minimum 5 forward hexes. As for the 2 MP per hex, the Unit is flying higher so there's less ground effect providing lift. With the thrusters providing more lift there's less thrust for forward movement. So 2 MP per hex makes sense.

I see, and to be honest, with Cruise MP = (JJ+2)x2, then it's actually pretty well balanced with the 2MP per hex. I've made the edits to the rules for here.

If that's all it's doing, then I think you're over complicating it. Mech reorient their legs walking and jumping so I don't think AirSlips need to convert or anything. They'd just take off and land.

I mean pretty much but....I like to be thorough so its well understood, since I'm basing this off of the Air Mech rules.
Kind of what it is at the moment.  It is a Star League in Alric's Mind only at this point in the story.  Only reason we know more is because CGL  has spoiled the ending by telling us Alaric wins and for the next 100 years in the Universe your faction looses unless it is Clan Wolf.

Well.... The 3250 bits mostly mention Jade Falcon bloodnames for top leaders. And seem to have a recurring thread of venerating Elias Crichell as the greatest leader of the invasion era clans.

So it kind of looks more like the Ilclan may be taken over by the Falcons rather than Wolves winning forever. Y'know if that's actually an improvement to people. Alaric is interestingly not mentioned at all as far as I can remember.

Goal was probably to build ambiguity on who'd win on Terra between Falcons and Wolves. My current speculation is that it's also foreshadowing that Alaric is headed for a BAD fall and getting memoryholed by whoever takes over.

Not particularly keen on either outcome. The 3250 stuff had me convinced that the ilclan era wasn't worthwhile and I'd disengaged entirely from current storyline until I was convinced by some friends that Tamar Rising was good. Which has me giving it a chance at least.

Main reason I'm engaged with this topic at all is that if it is to be good then IMO The devs need to be aware of what they are going and how material is recieved. If they've completely lost touch with wider fan reception (the small loud minority doesn't really matter) then odds of the Ilclan era being good drops SHARPLY.

IMO at least. Popular doesn't automatically mean good, but working in an echo chamber tends to be worse.

And I want very badly for BT storylines to be good and popular (Popular means it's more profitable and we can get more of it after all) both
MegaMek Games / Re: Coming Soon to MegaMek
« Last post by Hammer on Today at 12:14:34 »
Coming soon to MegaMek.

Quirk Improvements.

This is more than just a graphical improvement. This opens the door for us to look into managing quirks via MegaMekLab. We have no ETA on if/when that will happen.
No, it can be done, if for no other reason than Small Craft can be smaller than 100 tons.
It's hopelessly outdated though, no gun stabilisation puts it a great disadvantage on the modern battlefield, especially as its thin armor requires it to be on the move during combat to survive. Poor mobility during the mud season just compounds the issue. The the ammo for the gun is also a logistic issue (not compatible with L7 gun and derivatives) also it's capabilities against modern tanks are dismal, tanks with Kontakt-5 would easily shrug off shots to the side armor.
Honestly, in combat with BMP-2 with equally good crew, most of the advantages would be on the side of the BMP as it can hit the target on the move while AMY can't and BMPs 30 mm AP rounds will easily go through AMX armor.

The only good thing about AMX is that it has a good HE round.
Clan Chatterweb / Re: Terra. Home to ilClan Wolf.
« Last post by Fire Scorpion IIC on Today at 11:56:33 »
Plus there's still a simple fact that someone would need to both challenge AND beat him

He has been challenged many times before over many different things and he won almost every time, he wouldn't have been Khan otherwise

He has the skills

And while DNA is important the combat and war track records are even more important so if he keeps leading Clan to victories his parentage will stay on the back burner

I've always regarded it as ok to put fighters instead small craft bay and I've certainly seem it referenced in fluff alongside TRO data, especially the fluff for jumpships that have a small number of small craft bays. But just 1. So 1 small craft bay can accommodate 1 small craft or 1 ASF of any weight.

The way you worded your question almost made it sound like you were thinking you could put multiple ASFs in there? Based on the way you framed it as light fighters specifically? But I think it's just 1.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, or if there's a rule that says something different.
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