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(Answered/Reminder) Homing Artillery / Range to PoI
« on: 22 August 2023, 13:36:57 »
Looking specifically at the section in the ASCE (5th printing) p.158 "Homing Rounds"
2nd paragraph, first two sentences read as follows:
"Like artillery, homing rounds are fired at a targeted POI, with
the flight time calculated based on that fixed point. On the turn the
homing missile is calculated to arrive at its destination, one target
unit within 42” of the homing round’s POI must be successfully
“painted” by a unit with target acquisition gear (TAG or LTAG specials).

Coming from a Classic background, I compared the values in TacOps (old copy, page 374) and BattleMech Manual (5th print, p.94) for the normal range at which the homing round needs to track to a PoI [hex], and discovered both rulebooks have the following description:
"On the turn the homing missile arrives, it may attack any unit successfully designated by friendly TAG within 8 hexes of the chosen hex.

Assuming we want to maintain the Classic to AlphaStrike conversion process of 1 hex = 2 inches, shouldn't the range for a target to be painted by TAG be within 16" of the PoI?
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Re: Homing Artillery / Range to PoI
« Reply #1 on: 25 August 2023, 16:07:21 »
Possibly, but not something I want to errata between printings.  Will look at it next "time".
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