Author Topic: (Answered) VTOL Infantry Movement and Woods  (Read 625 times)


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(Answered) VTOL Infantry Movement and Woods
« on: 18 January 2024, 08:06:10 »
I am trying to figure out the way in which VTOL infantry (specifically, the Tornado G17 and its 7 VTOL MP) interact with woods.

From my reading of the latest TW (9th printing), page 214 says "Infantry with VTOL and UMU MP move per the rules for those types of movements (see VTOL and Underwater Movement, pp. 54 and 56, respectively).

Page 54 says "VTOLs cannot fly at or below the tops of trees while in wooded hexes (2 levels high),"

This seems like it definitively says that VTOL infantry would have to fly above woods in the same way as a helicopter. That is, a squad that starts at elevation 0 would need to spend 3 MP to ascent to elevation 3 in order to fly over a woods on level 0.

However, I like to check MegaMek to see if I understand something because it usually implements things correctly. In MegaMek, I only need to ascend to elevation 1 to fly through the woods, and at that elevation the squad benefits from the cover the woods provides. They also spend only 1 MP to move through even the heavy woods. This seems incorrect!

Am I right or is MegaMek right? If I am wrong, then what part of the rules am I missing?

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Re: (Answered) VTOL Movement Infantry and Woods
« Reply #1 on: 19 January 2024, 11:38:38 »
MegaMek is incorrect.
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