Author Topic: Wording for Lift Hoists on non-Mech units.  (Read 220 times)


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Wording for Lift Hoists on non-Mech units.
« on: 03 March 2024, 00:44:08 »
Hello, the wording on pages 136-137 of Total Warfare in regard to Lift Hoists is unclear. The first and second paragraphs of this section refer to "units." However, the 3rd paragraph only refers to "Mechs" when describing what happens if a unit carries more than its own weight in cargo via Lift Hoists. Then, perplexingly, the 4th paragraph goes back to referring to "units" again.

Because of this inconsistency in terminology, it is unclear what happens when a non-Mech vehicle mounts 3-4 Lift Hoists, even though this is expressly allowed by the Tech Manual, and even though vehicles such as the Tonbo are explicitly described as having their MP reduced by 2, not half, when carrying a full load via Lift Hoists (which agrees with the mechanical description of the Lift Hoist entry, but not its terminology).

Worse, the current errata does not seem to address this.

Aside from the sentence about TSM (obviously), it seems apparent that the Lift Hoist entry in Total Warfare meant "unit" when it says "mech." Clarification please? :)