Author Topic: (Research) Stealth Armor (for Battle Armor) and Physical Attacks  (Read 304 times)


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Question has come up: Does improved and basic Stealth armor on Battle Armor affect physical attacks?

Those Stealth Armors have a short range modifier of +1 for "attacks", not specifying weapon or physical. (TW pp 228)
However, physical attacks do not use range modifiers, and do not have range stats (being listed as -/-/-/- on record sheets). (TW pp 118)

Physical attacks state to use standard modifiers with a couple exceptions like sensor hits (TW pp 144), but I am not sure if Stealth Armor would be considered a standard modifier (I think no, probably?).

So, question arises if RAW it should be harder to kick or otherwise physical attack BA with these Stealth Armors or not, and if it was RAI and simply needs to be clarified somewhere that it does.
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