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The Serpent and the King- Judas Priest, just-released single.
I'm currently working on some Leopard  dropships.
One is the Hardware Studios "Gepard Dropship". I've read before that HS
products are OK to discuss here because their terrain and dropships have been used by
official sources both at cons and on Youtube videos. This has become an alternative used
in games because no current mechscale mini is produced.
The second is not quite mechscale but sizable.
It's a Takachiho 1/500 1980's TCI model kit identical to and made on the same line
as the Battletech model kit#12 Leopard B .  Battletech used TCI model kits
starting before their Ral Partha line.
Battletech's 1st official dropship model.  (No longer canon BTW)
Here's a Sarna link about them at the bottom:

I've looked at more pics and videos then I can remember in the last week.
VERY few actually show the BOTTOM of Leopard Dropships.

I've seen the more modern ones with wheels on the bottom by some people
and others seem to flip them to make them look like landing thrusters.
Rules as well as how we see dropships have changed a LOT over the years.
I've seen MW5 drawings that definitely show wheels, yet in game footage
it kind of looks like thrusters.

Would you mount these as wheels, or as thrusters?

Fan Fiction / The Concert of the Sphere - A BattleTech AU
« Last post by Steve on Today at 15:43:51 »
Decided to do a master thread for ease of linking..

Concert of the Sphere - A BattleTech AU
By: Big Steve, based on material done by... quite a few other people as well as myself.

Based off of the 2020 "From The Ashes: Shattered Sphere" Grand Strategy Role-Playing Game by Slacker


The "Concertverse" BattleTech AU is drawn from the webforum-based Grand Strategy RPG From The Ashes: Shattered Sphere (v. 1), played from April to December 2020 on the forums.  With mechanics based on the original setting From The Ashes games of the same type, the basis was for players to create a state of twenty worlds in the Inner Sphere or Near Periphery, establish that state's military, and then expand to increase their resources (in income and industrial base, referred to as Production Lines), ultimately coming into conflict with one another.

Among other things, this accounts for some of the backstory elements, as players sometimes went deep into explaining matters for how they developed into the game-start states they were.  Another factor is that some of the players were there to play a GSRPG, not necessarily because they were fans of BattleTech, or even if they liked it, familiar with intricate detail.  As a result, because GSRPGs often employ Create Your Own Nation mechanics and people pursue aesthetics and naming they prefer, some of the states that resulted can seem major outliers and not at all what experienced BTech fans would expect from the setting.  The set up of the Fall of the Great Houses can certainly explain things, allowing for unpredictable social and cultural evolutions, but the resulting names can perhaps cause some head scratching by non-players viewing the information. 

The backstory can be found in detail in Special Era Report 3142, but suffice to say, Kerensky died ahistorically early, no Exodus, and the Great Houses wrecked each other in the 1st Succession War to the extent the 2nd War broke them, allowing for a multitude of new, smaller interstellar states to eventually form from the resulting chaos.  Eventually, in the 31st Century, these player-made states consolidated and rebuilt enough that most tried to violently expand and brought about the Second Age of War.

As this is derived from said game, the conflicts and events that took place in the opening years of the Second Age of War relied a lot on player choices and actions.  Alliances made and broken, conflicts launched for opportunity, etc.  Players came and left, or had their states destroyed, and some of the alliances formed became the basis for the post-game timeline.

Said post-game timeline, starting from about mid-3038 onward, is about 66-80% me and the rest others telling me what they feel they'd have done in certain bits.  I tried to remain truthful to both the players' depictions of their societies and how events would or could go, especially in later generations when new leaders and new influences would be present.  I did not please everyone, I'll admit, and others didn't care either way.

Some of the other events were established by common player choice, like the Federated Suns absorbing the Brethren of the Stars through a royal marriage, with the latter influencing heavily the restructured institutions even if the structure looks to be all FedSuns (a new empowered legislature for one).  That was entirely the Brethren/FedSuns players and a (never realized) concept for a silly post-game epilogue RP (namely people would be invited to create concepts for the many children of Long Tom Silver, the Brethrens' ruler and the most successful pirate in history, one of which would be wed to Victoria Davion and bring about the personal union of the realms).

Either way, back in January 2021, when the game was freshly over but I felt the setting still churning in my head, I had some discussions and musings with my eventual co-writer, Captain Orsai from  From these I wrote up the opening chapter (really prologue) of Emergence, and things have progressed from there.  I do not know how much I will do for this setting either with the crossover or as stand-alone material, but whatever has been done is going to be linked on this document.


Based on the well-made map of the 3025 Inner Sphere this map is from adapting that map's coding for use in the 2020 Shattered Sphere game.  One of the coders, who posts on as Secretariat, helped me put together my own version to alter into the map depicting the 3142 Inner Sphere of our game's setting, as I imagined it might develop.

Note that I am not a javascript coder, because I'd love to be able to fix the "rightward drift" of the state names.

The online active version of the map can be found here.


There's a bit of fiction, most of which is the crossover with Dark Age/pre-ilClan era 32nd Century canon, but I've done a couple other stories in oother time frames, including revisiting and touching up material from the game proper.  Per forum policy those stories are only on other sites/web forums..

"Emergence", Book 1 of the Looking Glass Series
By: Big Steve and Templar87

"Crusade", Book 2 of the Looking Glass Series
By: Big Steve and Templar87

"Valhalla Calling"
By: Big Steve

"Die Rettungsaktion"
By: Big Steve and Fulton (link to AO3)

"I, Corvus: How a Fool Became Imperator of the O'Reillys"[url=http://By: Fulton w/ contributions from Big Steve, edited by Big Steve (link to web forum thread)


As a warning, these fluff pieces are written with IC POV bits that give away plot details from "Emergence" and "Crusade".

[url=]Special Era Report: 3142 - Beyond the Looking Glass]
By: Fulton w/ contributions from Big Steve, edited by Big Steve (link to web forum thread)


As a warning, these fluff pieces are written with IC POV bits that give away plot details from "Emergence" and "Crusade".

[url=]Special Era Report: 3142 - Beyond the Looking Glass

By: Big Steve

Field Manual: Royal Federation
By: Big Steve

Tales from the Concertverse
By: Big Steve
All older Quebecois know de Funes. His films were a staple of 80s or 90s summer or Christmas afternoon TV. They are now rare but may appear as french classic movie night.  :tongue:
General BattleTech Discussion / Re: Build Your Own Mechs
« Last post by House Davie Merc on Today at 15:17:25 »
The biggest problem is that access to fusion engines is currently very restricted and the various local requirements make it a nightmare to deal with. And that's before we get into shipping costs!
Legal in one area and NOT legal in another. You need a map of go/no go zones that's updated
twice a month to stay on the up and up.
On top of that you must ALWAYS carry a printed copy of the Interstate Commerce Clause to show local law enforcement
in case you must travel through a no-go zone and they decide to question you about your cargo and destination.
You also have to make sure you keep all of your munitions in a suitable locked container in a separate compartment
to maintain compliance with the ICC regulations.
by the gods some one else knows of him?
last movie i saw with him was fantomas...but that was over 40 years back i only saw part of a movie when he was stuck in a tree over a sea cliff about same time friday i will be watching what i got

and yes i do have both movies you mentioned

BattleMechs / Re: Emerald Stag [AU: Vela Corridor]
« Last post by Lagrange on Today at 14:58:27 »
Perhaps worth debating: the value of jump jets on a scout mech?  In rugged terrain, you gain significant maneuverability but the 2.5 or 3.5 tons has to come from somewhere.  I'd be tempted to make those tradeoffs since the jump jets also provide a potentially significant defensive boost.  In open terrain, the +1 to hit is 'ok', but running instead to keep the range may easily be preferred.  In mixed terrain, being able to jump in and out of cover can be pretty huge.  And in deep forest style terrain, jump jets are essentially required for fast movement.
Ground Combat / Re: Recon Camera Use for Indirect Fire
« Last post by abou on Today at 14:47:36 »
OK... so that is my confusion: it is just as bad as it seems.

Recon Camera feels relatively useless then because you are basically adding another potentially high to-hit roll to mess up on. What I am understanding is that using the camera is the same as normal indirect fire, except if you do hit with it you don't have the penalty for the spotter firing in the weapon attack phase.

Essentially, there is no real benefit because so few units carry a recon camera. And the few units that do don't really have any weaponry to risk getting in to use at all. Why even spend the BV on the unit? Especially if you have to expose yourself to use it like a TAG, but may end up causing a to-hit number so high that you have a high number to achieve with two rolls in a row.

So much for adding more depth to a 3025-era game.
ok not a lot of folks here will know this one
louis de funes collection
if i could smile i would...but i am happy that i finally got a complete one

Including his early black and whites? lucky you! It's always a great fun watching ''Le petit beigneur'' or ''Les aventures de Rabbi Jacob''.  :cheesy:
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