What would you argue was the best Light Missile Tank in the Succession War Era?

Harasser (LRM)
9 (13.4%)
Scorpion (LRM)
5 (7.5%)
27 (40.3%)
12 (17.9%)
6 (9%)
Scimitar (LRM)
8 (11.9%)

Total Members Voted: 48

Voting closed: 28 December 2023, 23:36:16

Author Topic: What would you argue is the best Light Missile Tank in the Succession War Era?  (Read 2132 times)


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I think another thing to consider is that most of these vehicles will work in pairs. Pair, lance or even 6 of them working together should be fairly common, specially the ones that have companions with the same chassis and complementary warloads. Like 2 normal strikers and 2 LRM strikers. Or 3 LRM scorpions with 1 SRM scorpion for backup. And of course 4-5 harassers + 1-2 suicidal SRM harasser as well. In the case of Harassers yes, the trick is to use its awesome speed to stay at max range, not to close in to stuff that can shoot back. This is what mechs are for. You arew a zapppy long range annoyance acting in support, not a mad mechwarrior that likes to trade blows. What madness is that?

And terrain affects you in all cases. You need open areas for the hovers, preferably roads for your strikers (urban/base defense) and tracks can go anywhere but you need to be able to keep up with the other units in your force.