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Master Unit List - Unit "Roles"
« on: 09 January 2024, 13:52:02 »
Not sure where to ask this since I don't see a questions section about the MUL specifically.

So throwing it here in GC since I'm specifically looking at mechs.

I have a mini's lance I'm working on "classifying", and I'm finding some of the "role" choices on the MUL to be a bit odd.

Code: [Select]
Dervish-6M Intro Missile Boat
Dervish-6Mr Standard Brawler
Dervish-xx Standard Missile Boat

Griffin-1N Intro Sniper
Griffin-XX Intro Skirmisher
Griffin-2N/3RD/5L Standard Skirmisher
Griffin-1DS/5K/5M Standard MissileBoat
Griffin-XX Standard Sniper

PhoenixHawk-XX Intro Skirmisher
PhoenixHawk-XX Standard Skirmisher/Striker

Javelin-10/11XX Intro/Standard Striker

So every single version of the Dervish is a Missile Boat, except 1, and that model still has Twin LRM10's like many of the others....

The Griffin bounces around from Skirmisher to Sniper to Missile Boat, but what has me boggled is the Missile Boats.
I can totally see the 1DS with its LRM20 & LPL.
But how is the 5M w/ LGR & LRM10 also a Missile Boat v/s say, a Sniper w/ that LGR?
The 5K has LRM10 but also LPPC & ERML per Sarna so seems like a bit of a Skirmisher to me v/s any sort of "Missile Boat".

The entire Javelin Series are Strikers but the 10A w/ its LRM15 not popping up as a Missile Boat seemed rather odd given the Valkyrie is one w/ LRM10+ML much of the time.

The Pixie is always a Skirmisher/Striker which is mostly fine but I do question some of the ERPPC or Twin ERLL models not getting a "Sniper" tag.

I figured I'd have this lance qualified as Striker/Cavalry type rolls but also depending on the models I could make it a Fire Lance too but I'm not seeing as how I can get 3/4 of them qualified & given all the LRM/ERLL/ERPPC options I'm kind of surprised.

So my question is, how does the MUL decide on the "roles" each mech has, and is there any chance something like a Javelin-10A w/ LRM15 gets changed into something other than "Striker"?   (I feel like that has to be an errata change for a few of these)
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Re: Master Unit List - Unit "Roles"
« Reply #1 on: 09 January 2024, 14:16:35 »
If you feel any roles are improperly assigned, report in the MUL feedback thread.

Roles are generally determined as the record sheets are generated. 
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