What Would You Look For In Artillery?

Treads For The Woods
3 (50%)
Hovers For Dodging
1 (16.7%)
Turrets For Misdirection
0 (0%)
Armor-Weight For Turtling
2 (33.3%)

Total Members Voted: 6

Author Topic: The Search for Quirks  (Read 242 times)


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The Search for Quirks
« on: 25 May 2024, 15:59:10 »
Part of Gooses List of UnThings :laugh:

Have we a list of units with Fast Reload? It is only slowly I figure out what would be a cracking quirk or two for self-propelled artillery, but even better would be a list of existing units so equipped.

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Re: The Search for Quirks
« Reply #1 on: 25 May 2024, 23:59:18 »
My favorite two picks are not on your list.

Cost-effectiveness and synergy.

For example, for 653, I can get an Arrow IV on a Wheeled chassis in the Vali.  It also has quite a few bins so I don't need to worry about being only stuck with Homing or Standard, but can mix in Cluster and Inferno if I want.

If I don't have TAG, the Mobile Long Tom is even cheaper (515 BV), and is even more widely available through the eras, and even cheaper, though lighter on Ammo, but what it hits will know it.

The Ballista also works as a cheap Sniper platform that may not be as effective as the MLT, it's lighter and also carries a lot of Ammo for 531 BV.

So, I look at what I am bringing and build to suit so they work together, and its even better if they are cheap enough I can bring 2 or more, cause Artillery misses.
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Re: The Search for Quirks
« Reply #2 on: 26 May 2024, 02:06:14 »
So I voted armor weight, but thats not exactly right.  Artillery is kinda a loaded thing, there is lots and lots to it.  But I say armor weight, because if you want to adjust fire you have to be stationary.  Stationary doesn't mix with hover.  Treads for light woods is fine, but again stationary or better yet in a building or bunker is even better, so motive type is whatever honestly.  Also its still a vehicle, so if you get immobilized only armor will help at that point.


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Re: The Search for Quirks
« Reply #3 on: 26 May 2024, 02:28:49 »
Well what I want is not on the list - the VTOL, which is immune to almost all types of counterbattery fire thus is good against duel of artillery(if it could be called a duel, though). The only type of artillery what I need are thumper and arrow IV so it won't be so penalizing either.