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Fan Fiction / Re: From a Ristar to a Lady
« Last post by Sir Chaos on Today at 14:27:16 »
So, to-do list for Avryl/Anastasia:
- Kill Pence, as slowly and painfully as practical under the circumstances
- Get back into fighting shape as a mechwarrior and procure a mech
- Tell Finn who she really is, get him into that Circle of Equals as promised, and kick his ass (preferably in a non-lethal manner, because honorable enemies are a rare commodity)
- Either live happily ever after, or die gloriously, depending on the mood of the day
Guy's its really critical that you lot snag all of the Game of Armored Combat minis BEFORE I get home from work so I don't have to buy them for myself.
Hellboy 2 was... looking at it, there was obviously a lot of potential there for a good movie but it was just squandered so hard.  I mean, the movie would have been over by the opening credits if the princess who was ready to end her own life in order to stop her brother had actually gone through with it.  Instead, she spends the entire film being as useless and unhelpful as possible to the point that it honestly felt like she was actually conspiring with him.

One critique i had about it, was why did Pyro-girl's flames turn from the BLUE they were in the first film, to RED now??
I think you're on the right track, Xotl. If you haven't already, stating what you said in the introduction to the book would help players understand the book better.

Yeah, the Intro is very lengthy along these lines, but this thread has been helpful in illustrating areas where it could use reinforcement.
BattleTech Miniatures / Re: A very Battletech-y Christmas!
« Last post by garhkal on Today at 14:24:42 »
Sweet work...
There's always an easy explanation to the 3250 blurbs: whoever wrote it was a sycophant. I'm sure there are tons of letters written during the Succession Wars to the "First Lord" about a campaign to "subdue the rebels"

Thank you. People take those blurbs way to literally, when unreliable narrators have been a trope for more than a century at this point.
MechWarrior Hall / Re: Word Association 35: Say What You Will
« Last post by wolfgar on Today at 14:15:09 »
I hope Dawn isn't involved. I still kind of like her character.
I see Star League, I think Camerons, not Sunny, not Theodore and certainly not Alaric. 

I also opted for Arano swag.

The second Star League didn't last long enough to be memorable enough for me to register it as the Star League.  I also expect the same out of this Third league.  (Which I also associate with a April Fools product.)
*Settles in with a bucket of popcorn and a case of Live Wire Mountain Dew*

This has been good so far, but its about to get, EPIC.
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