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Turkina Keshik Wave 3 Clan Invasion
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Turkina Keshik Wave 3: Supply Lines
   While the Falcon's were well supplied during wave 2 and took more worlds than clan wolf, they finally ran out of supplies during wave 3—clan wolf on the other hand faced no supply shortage and overtook the falcons during wave 3.  This supply setback forced the clan to take only 5 worlds, meeting resistance only on the Planet Hotsprings where the Turkina Keshik was deployed.  Clan forces have also adapted to the inner sphere practice of 'falcon foolin', (declaring pre-emptive challenges with mechs to distract clan forces from the militia infantry and vehicles).  The clan forces no longer must accept any challenge from inner sphere forces to remain honorable, meaning they are free to focus down the forward deployed militia forces before dealing with mech reinforcements.

Supply Issues: Returning players do not receive 2 honor points when starting this wave of the campaign.
End of 'Falcon Foolin': no longer have to accept challenges from the IS.

Track 1: Turkey shoot's revenge.
   Hotsprings was the home to the Von Jankmon Bloodname, which formed the reason why the Falcon's were interested in a planet known only for its value as a tourist attraction.  The Von Jankmon's have a high quality aerofighter lineage, so upon landing the Hotspring's entire aerofighter force was destroyed for the loss of only one clan fighter in return.  This left only vtol and conventional fighter units to oppose the advance of the ground mechs.
   Track Cost: 0
   Option (Warden):  Steady Shield.  -1 point.  For each air attack BSP, gain one air cover of the same type.  These can be used to prevent a fighter from attacking that round.
   Option (Crusader):  Raptor Reflexes.  -1 Point.  Instead of seizing the initiative, the player can move after the aerofighters have moved, potentially dodging their attack line.
   Option Strict Honor.  The player fights with strict honor, +1 point
   Map: Use the desert airfield map to represent the area outside the dropship landing zone where the ground forces are intercepted by militia air forces.
   Objective: Destroy all enemy air assets (+1 point)
   Forces:  1 Squadron of aerofighters and one lance of vtol, 50% of the players force, green base BV.  If player BV is at or above 11k, skill is regular.
   2 Warrior h7A, 2 Warrior h7C, 2 Guardian fighter (4 RL10), 2 Heavy Strike (9 RL10), 2 Bluehawk Support (10 HE bombs) (4114 BV)

   Notes: Each fighter pair attacks once every 3 turns.  Turn 1 is the Guardians, Turn 2 is the Heavy Strike Fighters, Turn 3 is the Bluehawks.  Aerofighters move after all mechs move, so unless one of the Crusader or Warden options are taken there is no way to avoid an aerofighter attack, as all fire is simultaneous and the fighters line up after normal mech initiative.  While the fighters are fragile, the first turn payload is extreme, especially the 100 damage in HE bombs carried by the Bluehawks.  As a reminder, Dive Bomb to-hit numbers are skill+2 made at net altitude 3, while strike attacks are skill+2+usual target modifiers made at net altitude 4.  Each altitude adds 2 hexes to the ground unit's range.

Track 2: Suffer no Collateral
   The Turkina Keshik is ordered not to damage the city with collateral damage from missed heavy mech attacks, so the elemental force is ordered to form the spearhead of flushing out the defenders improved positions.  With the static defenses and tanks routed, the dug in mechs will be forced to flee their improvised positions or face swarming elementals.
   Track Cost: 1
   Option (Warden):  Elemental Cross Training (0 points).  Your elemental unit use your pilots skill and pilot special abilities due to combined arms training.
   Option (Crusader):  Ignore the Khan's order (0 points).  You may deploy your mech instead of elementals.  Keep track of all missed shots and movement damage done to buildings—Apply log(10) rounding up to this damage to see how much honor is lost due to collateral damage (1 point with 2-10 damage, 2 points with 11-100 damage, 3 points with 101-1000 damage).  For example, an LRM 20 that hits and rolls 12 missiles, will miss with 8 damage.  An LRM 20 that misses all together will miss with the full 20 damage towards the tally.
   Option: Fight with strict honor, +1 point (elementals must challenge vehicles)
   Map: Use a single map with 3x6 city blocks.  Each hex in the block is a CF 50 building, 5 levels tall.
   Objective: Defeat the static infantry and tank positions in the city (+1 point)
   Objective (Bonus): Earn points for mech kills for holding the field.  1 honor per 100 tons, rounding normally.
   Forces: 4 platoons of SRM foot infantry in buildings, 8 dug in tanks.  4 mechs are providing overwatch down the main streets using buildings as cover on the back board edge.  These flee when the infantry and tanks protecting their position are destroyed.  The tanks have partial cover from the front due to their improved positions—hits to the front that do not hit the turret locations are discarded, but front mounted vehicle weapons can not fire.
   4 SRM infantry (24 troopers) deployed on level 4 of 4 different buildings.
   2 Wheeled APC (Mgun), 2 Striker tanks, 2 Bulldog Tanks, 1 HWC (PPC), 1 Heavy LRM carrier, all in improved (partial cover) positions.  Partial cover does not apply to attacks from above, as normal, but also only applies to the front of the vehicle in this scenario.  If a tank is forced to move (from forced withdrawal) the partial cover is lost.
   2 Griffins, a Wolverine, and Trebuchet guard the main streets leading down the city but do not engage unless an enemy is in their lane.  They are taking partial cover (left/right) as appropriate against the buildings, and can only move to fall off the board.
   If the clan force of elementals (and potentially mechs) is 4500 bv or more, the enemy force is regular.  Otherwise the enemy is green (3776 BV in infantry and tanks).  The mech's needed to cover the straightaways (1 per straightaway) do not count against the defender's BV, and are always green.

   Note: Battlearmor pay 1 ground MP to enter a building like infantry, but may jump into/out of a building instead.  They need LOS to the building hex, and can enter any level up to their max jump.  The piloting skill roll for a heavy building is +2 (jumping infantry doesnt have enough movement to also suffer the hexes moved penalty).  On a failed piloting/antimech roll, a trooper suffers 4 damage, but never deal damage to the building.

Track 3: Race the Falcon Jaegers!
   With the enemy mech force fleeing the city after their defense positions were over run by elementals, the lighter Falcon Jaegers are ordered to hunt the fleeing mechs before they get to woods cover.  The Turkina Keshik has a small window of opportunity before the Falcon Jaegers arrive to claim as much glory for themselves as possible.
   Track Cost 1:
   Option (Warden): Flanking Tactics.  The Warden player starts from the side edge instead of back edge where the enemies move on from.
   Option (Crusader): Early Start.  The Crusader player may move on the board 1 turn earlier.  If they would already arrive on turn 1, automatically win initiative turn 1.
   Option:  Fight with strict honor (+1 point)
   Map:  Mostly open/light suburb terrain outside the city limits, chase format.  The players mechs arrive on turn = 10-to ground walk movement-1 (if jump jet equipped).  Thus, a 5/8 mech will deploy on turn 5, and an 8/12/8 mech will deploy on turn 1.
   Objective: Defeat as many mechs in 10 turns as possible, at which point the lighter Falcon Jaegers arrive and take over pursuit. (Points for mechs defeated for holding the field, rounded normally)
   Objective: Defeat all mechs before the Falcon Jaegers arrive (+1 point)
   Forces: 80% of clan forces.  1 Company of green militia mechs.  Militia mechs start in forced withdrawal; mechs put into crippled status instead suffer a +2 morale penalty to fire.  The defenders must move 1 hex closer to the far edge each turn, but will still move as close as possible for the best shots on the closest clan mech that has moved before them.  If they lose initiative they instead move as evasive as possible to their home board edge.
   Ostsol 4D, Griffin 1S, Wolverine 6R, Warhammer 6R, Stinger 3R, Commando 2D, Phoenix Hawk 1, Centurion A, Longbow 7Q, Longbow 7Q, Zeus 9S+, Cyclops HQ.  ~12000 BV (green) if clan force is 15000BV or less, ~14000 BV (regular) if clan force is up to 17500 BV.  Above this player BV, consider adding more enemy mechs.