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The Inner Sphere / Re: 3025 - How Common was LosTech?
« Last post by Alan Grant on Today at 07:08:51 »
For me the timeline looks something like this for Bolton's Rangers:

The Years 2nd SW- 3040 "We have some tech manuals, they speak of things we don't really know how to build or use. If we got our hands on a LB-X autocannon through battlefield salvage, or lostech find, they might help us understand how to maintain it. But I don't think we'd dare employ it in combat, it's too rare, too precious. The actual battlefield contribution it would make is such a drop in the bucket to what it represents if we are able to preserve it, as we have preserved our tech library. This is part of our history, not combat equipment. We'd put it in the unit's museum, or perhaps on a parade ground-only machine, as one of our Star League relics, where it can awe and inspire and continue to contribute to the unit's mystique regarding its SLDF history. Every now and then we pull out a piece of equipment and put on a rare actual test use or test fire. To the "oohs" and "ahhs" of our honored guests. Many of our members are descendants of that history and so are very invested in keeping the unit's history alive."

The Year 3044ish- "Due to the Helm Memory Core the FWLM is starting to rediscover Lostech and put it back into production. Not just as relics, but as items we can actually manufacture and employ in combat and replace when lost. The 5th Brigade' tech library is contributing to that. Our techs and mechwarriors who have spent countless hours pouring over the library are working with the FWL's best engineers and scientists to contribute what we know to this effort. We feel like this is a race, all the Great Houses are doing this, and this tech library is our way to contribute to winning that technology race."

The Year 3048ish- "The tech library has made several valuable contributions to the FWL's efforts to rediscover Star League technology. Several manufacturing lines have been retooled to manufacture advanced technology variants. What was "lostech" is about to become just "tech" that we use everyday. Bolton's Rangers are proud of our contribution to that. The techs of Bolton's Rangers have also learned from them as well, putting us ahead of most FWLM regiments on actually having the expertise to employ and repair such technology in the field. We have several prototype machines, like our new -3M Goliaths, that we have actually employed in combat. Within the FWLM that makes us rare, only a few of the best-equipped regiments have such equipment and the qualified techs and mechwarriors to use them. Most regiments are having to wait in line, but Bolton's Rangers are on the cutting edge because of our existing expertise and contributions to this technological renaissance."

If you can't tell by the way I framed that, I see this less like the 5th Brigade having a lot of lostech and employing it in combat, and more that the unit may have contributed quite a bit to the FWL's technological renaissance in the 3040s. But then ultimately saw benefits from that, employing some of that equipment when it would be extremely rare and otherwise only found in a handful of Grade "A" units. Or maybe even slightly ahead of those units, if the 5th Brigade was tasked to field test some prototypes they helped to develop.

To me, a really good story about this that would fit well with what we know from canon sources, would be a collection of Bolton's Rangers techs and mechwarriors getting pulled away from the regiment in the 3040s to contribute to some hidden tech renaissance project. Them arriving to discover some incredible covert effort to solve the mysteries of Level 2 tech. There are problems that the FWL engineers have been unable to crack. With their detailed knowledge and understanding of the tech manuals, the Ranger techs and mechwarriors are able to help solve some of the toughest mysteries and problems the FWL engineers are struggling with. Interesting story ensues.

Maybe toward the end of that effort some of those techs/mechwarriors return to the regiment, with some prototype equipment that the project wants to see tested in actual combat. (According to FM: FWL the unit was using some prototype -3M Goliaths in 3047, that could be treated as one for-instance of this kind of field testing)
Dolorie. Please?
Forotten weapons
Lacuna Coil - Anima nera
MechWarrior Hall / Re: Word Association 36: SAY WHAT AGAIN!!!
« Last post by NightSarge on Today at 07:01:33 »
Aerospace Combat / Re: Jumpship travel time calculators?
« Last post by kanecharles on Today at 06:44:38 »
Their method of calculating jump ship travel time is based on the average jump distance and corresponding recharge time to ensure they jump to the stars with the best recharge times. If they weren't too concerned about fast reload times, they would increase the average jump distance but increase the reload time to get a straighter jump line, although it would be at the cost of the quality of their stars' reload times. jump to.
Not very Democratic of you, sounds like someone needs a taste of Democracy!
Yeah, yeah, I know I know. My partner and a mutual friend had a similar response to me not liking being required to wear a cape. Still don’t want to wear one, by the way. lol

On an unrelated note, I also got Crab Champions, a game made by the person who did the Crab Rave video. Looks fun!
Battle Armor / Re: There can be some changes for infantry?
« Last post by DevianID on Today at 04:18:06 »
Except for the troop density, this tracks. 15m radius is a bit close for multiple squads.

Yeah, I honestly dont know what a realistic troop density should be, other then 'not 28 strong platoons in multiples in 1 hex' haha.
  I'm cautiously optimistic about about future aerospace in Battletech.

The authors are right now studying a new Aerotech game that changes a lot of the rules.
Alpha Strike / Maximum VTOL Height
« Last post by Gian on Today at 03:47:14 »
Hi guys! Need a quick clarification.

What's the maximum height a VTOL can rise?

1) For example, if it has an MV of 26 inches and considering that going up a level requires 2 inches, is the maximum height 13 inches? Or 26 inches? I'm assuming it's 13 inches.

2) If a VTOL rises to its maximum height on Turn 1, can it go up again to its maximum on Turn 2?

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
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