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The Other War - Project:BASILISK
« on: 30 December 2020, 10:20:17 »
The Other War - Project: BASILISK
Weight - 7000Kg

A product of disaffected Hellion Scientists from the Snow Fox research group exiled to Tathis the BASILISK is a lethal easily transported machine. Using its MASC like myomer booster it can pace many fast vehicles for a short period of time before damaging the fibers. Designed to be used as part of a Flurry cluster these machines can get into and disrupt enemy formations. Using the Hellions' version of Zellbrigen even a medium battlemech can be crippled after being attacked by a Point of these machines using their claws like powerful elementals.

Weapons and Equipment
The primary and most powerful weapon on this protocmech is its melee augmentations, four battle claws top its feet along with a whip like tail and spiked crest on the 'head.' Either a micro pulse laser or Light TAG can be equipped depending on mission needs and a Point would likely have at least one TAGger to spot for incoming artillery as the Protomech cannot attack the upper section of a mech with its claws instead tearing into legs at point blank range.

Code: [Select]
Internal Structure 700kg
Engine 70 Fusion 2000Kg
Walk 8
Run 12
Booster 16
Experimental Myomer Booster 175Kg
Heat Sinks 250Kg
Cockpit 500Kg
Armor Factor (Standard) 38 1825Kg
Internal Armor
Head 2 5
Torso 7 14
Legs 8 16
Turret 1 3
Weapons and Ammo Location Mass
Protomech Quad Melee Weapons T 1000Kg
Micro Pulse Laser (or Light TAG) MG 500Kg