Author Topic: All of the Total Warfare weapons converted to Destiny  (Read 9633 times)


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All of the Total Warfare weapons converted to Destiny
« on: 09 December 2023, 11:26:14 »
This is my attempt to convert all of the Total Warfare weapons stats for use in a Destiny company.
Why? I am going to run a game using Destiny as a roleplaying system and play out some of the most plot-significant fights on a tabletop using classic BattleTech. But for a lot of brief encounters, I find the full-scale ruleset to be too cumbersome and I think that Destiny mech combat system to be ideal. (For example - the party, being a scout lance, encountered an enemy counterpart, exchanged a few shots from a long-range, and withdrew.)   The only issue - I wanted to set a campaign at the very start of the clan invasion, with most of lostech rediscovered and there are no rules for a lot of this equipment. Or at least I failed to locate it. So I started with converting a limited list of equipment but then decided to convert everything from a Total Warfire. It would be better to do a list from a BattleMech manual but I thought about it too late.
How? Damage and heat are explained in the Destiny rulebook (p81), and I tried to use existing ranges for missing weapons - for example, Clan Small Pulse Laser for IS Medium Pulse Laser, and so on. There is some weirdness in the original Destiny rules - for example, Clan ER Medium Laser and IS Large Laser have the same range profiles in Total Warfare and different in Destiny - and I decided to leave it intact. For now, I am mostly satisfied with the results.
What now? First - I would like to share it for everyone to use. Second - if you have any suggestions about this list please share. I've done my best to proofread it, but additional feedback is welcome.

Small update:
For Variable Damage weapon damage use the first number for Pointblank/Short ranges, the second one for medium range, and the third one for Long/Extreme ranges.
I added an extreme range bracket and the ability to shoot there for some weapons. Weapons were chosen based on the Aerospace Range from the Weapons and Equipment table on pages 303-304.  No rules for it, can simply be ignored for now. I will try to come up with something but for now, it can be used for an "Extremely long-ranged" tag and bragging I guess.
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Re: All of the Total Warfare weapons converted to Destiny
« Reply #1 on: 15 December 2023, 13:06:09 »
Damn you for not converting my favorite weapon, the rivet gun!

Just kidding. Nice work - this should have been included in the 3050 appendix. I get that the 3050 stuff was intended for Clan player characters, but even so there should have at least been the Star League gear for IS opposition.


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Re: All of the Total Warfare weapons converted to Destiny
« Reply #2 on: 22 December 2023, 09:24:14 »
Yeah, looks good to me, and useful if my players survive long enough to make it through from 3025 to 3050.


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Re: All of the Total Warfare weapons converted to Destiny
« Reply #3 on: 24 December 2023, 17:15:34 » do Time of War :) azn