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Title: New Novels
Post by: RacerX on 02 February 2011, 15:44:51

Will there be a return to Battletech fiction outside of Battlecorps?  Specifically print novels covering the Jihad and a continuation of the Dark Age Novels.  The books and video games hooked me into the universe and have been sorely missed since they disappeared.  The short fiction of Battlecorps is nice but it just doesn't have the same feel the novel story archs and the video game tie-ins. 

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Title: Re: New Novels
Post by: HABeas2 on 02 February 2011, 15:48:15

Yes, we are still planning to bring back novels at this time. Exact details cannot be revealed as yet, however. We apologize for this inconvenience.

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- Herbert Beas
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