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Title: Meh-warriors! Who are your favorite wannabes?
Post by: wackrabbit on 03 February 2011, 04:55:45
I was accused the other day of becoming *shudder* conventional and of making serious reasoned remarks. That is now coming to a middle! Post your favorite ne'er-do-wells and their exploits here.

Meh-Warrior Unit: The Ghost Chickens!

A good friend started a running BT campaign with (very) limited RP-ing to no particular system about two years ago. There was born the Ghost Chickens.

We had a commander for our reinforced company who drove a Katana painted white with a big red roundel on the front and back in the shape of a target.

The G-Cs each had colorful poultry-inspired callsigns, such as Big Cluck, Horsefeathers, and so on, save for a certain Corporal Wedgie.

The unit had a number of fowl misadventures involving employers who actually wanted to kill the unit off by sending it into combat against hardened veterans. The Chickens actually survived a number of such encounters prior to being dropped into the middle of a marshaling zone for a Cappie Warrior House, and losing much of it's force, the Ghost Chickens absented their pitiful remainder to the hills, leaving the smoking wreckage of their commander behind. (The Katana suffered a head crit from behind, chewing through the cockpit). The story was left there, but perhaps the Chickens will rise again...

Title: Re: Meh-warriors! Who are your favorite wannabes?
Post by: Doug Glendower on 03 February 2011, 16:10:20
Bill "Big Cheese" Wisconsin and Larry "Wagons" East were the worst tag team in Solaris VII history racking up an impressive 1-34-3 record. They destroyed 54 'Mechs, the main problem is of course that 39 of them were their own. "Destroyed by Pilot Error" became their unofficial team name. :D