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Title: Political Map vs Jump Map
Post by: VoltAmpere on 27 March 2012, 11:52:53
Hi Oystein,

relative to your post regarding the IS maps being political maps instead of jump maps (which made perfect sense once you mentioned it) since the three Mica and three Niops systems would (in a Jump map) be only one circle instead of three. I just have a few questions:

1) should I use your maps as (unofficial, of course) a jump map, which of the three Niops (and Mica) systems could I use as a placeholder for the system coordinate, should I use the middle-drawn circle, or do I take the midpoint of the three coordinates and plot the system "center" there?

2) are Silkeborg and Havdhem in Benjamin Military District of DC considered two nearby systems (like Terra & Rigil K) or two planets sharing the same star (such as Mica & Niops)

3) are all the circles inside Hyades Cluster & Flannagan's Nebula (Parian, Ishtar, Samantha, Taurus, Menion, etc) all part of the Hyades Star Cluster or independent systems?

4) how many systems are recognized in-universe as belonging to the Hyades Cluster? [as differentiated from the real-life 190+ star cluster, which is only ~150LY away, if memory serves]

5) are Badlands & Lorkdal part of the 50 stars in Badlands (later Pirates Haven) Cluster or are there 50 systems, plus those two?

6) like #7, are Merope, Maia, and Electra only prominent planets/systems inside the Pleiades Cluster, and there are 97 other systems within that region, or are there 100 systems aside from the three?

7) some maps show four circles inside Pleiades Cluster, while others [J:FR 3067 & 3081 map, FM:3085 3085 map, HB:MPS 3025, 3040, 3067 TC maps, HB:HD 3025, 3030, 3039, 3058, 3067 maps, among others] only show three. Is the 4th one an error, or does it represent a fourth significant [but accidentally unnamed] system?
Title: Re: Political Map vs Jump Map
Post by: Øystein on 28 March 2012, 07:47:59
1) Undecided. I currently have three coordinates for the place, but it is just one system.
2) Nearby.
3) All settled planets in the Hyades Star Cluster
4) You need to differenciate between systems, and settled systems. Not sure we have a published number of how many stars there are within the Hyades Cluster. But the shown planets are the settled ones.
5) 50 +2 settled systems.
6) Merope, Maia and Electra are the 'primary' systems in the Pleiades Cluster, which contains 100 other settled systems.
7) Just a leftover old relic. Ignore that. Nothing to see there.
Title: Re: Political Map vs Jump Map
Post by: VoltAmpere on 28 March 2012, 08:02:01
1) Okay, I'll just go play around with the numbers until something official comes around
2) thanks
3) thanks again O0
4) ah yes, good point. The reason I asked is that the name "Hyades Cluster" does not actually appear on the maps even though it's drawn, and that it's not mentioned how many systems are counted in the cluster [such as Pirates Haven Cluster (50)]
5) copy that
6) ditto
7) um.... why does it feel like when you say "nothing to see there" you actually mean the opposite? hehe kidding

I also forgot to ask about Calish II and Calish III, are they planets in one system, or two nearby systems?
Title: Re: Political Map vs Jump Map
Post by: Øystein on 28 March 2012, 09:30:45
Calish II and Calish III.

Obviously the same system.

With regards,
Title: Re: Political Map vs Jump Map
Post by: VoltAmpere on 28 March 2012, 10:03:38
thanks, just making sure.