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Title: New EPub Novels
Post by: Foxes Teeth on 15 February 2011, 17:06:17
I am really loving reading some of the old novels on my iPad. So far I've got Decision at TR and Mercenarys Star as well as the Warrior and BOK trilogies. Are there plans to release more of the back catalogue in this format.? If not I think Ill have to get Price of Glory on ebay just to get my next Gray Death fix. Haven't read these books since I was a teenager and loving them. Also any chance of getting them into the iBook store as it's a bit more Apple friendly than Kindle.
Title: Re: New EPub Novels
Post by: HABeas2 on 21 February 2011, 11:23:14

Yes, we plan to continue releasing books in this format, though at what schedule and which books I cannot say, due to technical considerations and the like.

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- Herbert Beas
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