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Title: Basic character info...
Post by: adamhowe on 04 May 2012, 13:08:34
...of my characters, and hopefully others will share theirs.

I have a Trueborn Clan Mechwarrior, a Federated Suns Mechwarrior/Technician, a Freeborn Clan Watch Operative, and then a Lyran/Solaris VII Insider character.
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Post by: monbvol on 04 May 2012, 15:37:59
I keep a rather diverse stable of characters at my disposal so that I may be able to play most any type of campaign without having to waste a lot of time generating a character because odds are I have one ready to rock and roll.

Blakist Scum:
Anashira N'dola was born a slave in a less reputable part of the FWL and rescued by the Word of Blake, became a spy specializing in industrial/technical espionage.
Gelyan Tubbs was born to a family on the run and given a second chance by the Word of Blake.  He believes that humanity needs reshaped before it destroys itself.
Killandrun Windrunner was born on an Apachee reservation Killandrun quikly grew restless and joined the Blakist organization.  She showed an aptitude for scout/sniper work.
Pixie Kerral had spent most of her life working as a shuttle pilot and tour guide for her family business.  Then a terrible truth about her past was brought to her attention by an unknown source that forced her into joining the Word of Blake lest it get out.  Her aptitudes were so great that she was chosen to be a LAM pilot and she showed near legendary skill despite no formal combat training.

Mai Chan- An honorable citizen that answered the state's call for service.  An able ASF pilot Mai has seen little action as yet.

Draconis Combine:
Lord Ryukan- A planetary ruler with a penchant for collecting unusual things.  Rumors abound about some of his less tasteful habits.
Noriyuki Morita- A retired soldier with exceptional hand to hand skills.
Sani Abacha- A crime lord who is rumored to be illiterate but quite charming.
Yuko Ryukan- Lord Ryukan's youngest daughter and the only mechwarrior of the family.  Intensely loyal to her father.

Federated Suns:
William DeHaviland hails from the outback. William by all appearances is an ordinary grunt.
Alice Thatcher is heiress to a small undeveloped world in the Davion Outback she has shown exceptional skill as a mechwarrior for her young age.
Sean McIntyre.  Her families world was one of the many that fell off the map early on and was renedered uninhabitable by the ravages of the Succession Wars.  For the families continued service to the state her families titles are still recognized and they are treated accordingly.
Terra Patrick is the daughter of a planetary noble in the Draconis March Terra is well on her way to becoming a legendary mechwarrior.  Seeking a break from the seriousness of war she is currently enjoying the limelight of fighting for House Davion in the Solaris games.  Rumors abound about her being unfaithful to her husband and who exactly she is being unfaithful with.

Free Rasalhague Republic:
Denice Williams was a noted athlete setting many sprinting records before going on to college to train as a nurse.  Her athletic ability has caught the eye of the new planetary governor.
William Kinkaid was an ordinary policeman until a national emergency pressed him into armed service.  Making use of his existing training he is now an MP moving with the troops.

Free Worlds League:
Ernest Roberts is a retired drill instructor.  While his style is somewhat abrasive his ability to impart practical knowledge may well be without equal.
Sissily Fitzgerald worked on her family ranch raising live stock, including Tabaranths.  When she was drafted by the FWL militia she put her affinity for animals to good use in their beast mounted infantry contingent.

Homeworld Clans:
Sasha is a freeborn technician for Clan Goliath Scorpion.  She hates the caste system and many of the traditions the Clans hold dear.  This attitude has earned her a lot of attention from proud warriors and instead of letting them have their way she fought back.  The constant fighting she endures has earned a grudging respect from many warriors for the skill she displays.  Combined with her large size and great physical strength some even wonder if she may have been born of an Elemental trueborn parent.  Many suggest she is the source of many of Why Yeh's more provocative views as the two have had a romantic, at least for the clans, relationship for some time now.
Why Yeh is a trueborn mechwarrior of exceptional skill.  Despite an addiction to necrossia he has become something of a statesman in pushing for the Clans to adapt or stagnate and die.  If not for his skill both inside the cockpit and out he may have been silenced long ago.
Gabriel is a ristar in Goliath Scorpion who is an oddity.  She has tremendous strength and yet she is quite physically appealing.

Invading Clans:
Hobbs is a scientist for Clan Snow Raven quietly researching into improving the trueborn phenotypes.
Oswald has earned himself a reputation as a fine Diamond Shark Warrior Merchant.  Capable in both realms of his expertise he travels seeking his next opportunity.
Steven is a Jade Falcon ristar already worthy of respect amongst his clan.
Thor has raised many questions about what may have happened to him during his time in the iron womb.  Cursed with possible madness and a name like Thor, he has made himself an enemy of Loki.  To his credit though he has done this with nothing more than the standard Clan Elemental Battlearmor.

David Williams is another fairly typical son of nobility joining the ranks.  At least his skills are sufficient to keep him from becoming another Social General, at least for now.
Jacob Zerve spends his time these days fighting on Solaris.  He is a deadly opponent to face in the arenas with his Axman.
Katarina Raspigi spent her time in the academy getting by on her looks and bare minimum talent.  Only reason she is in the military is because it is better than being at home with her overbearing parents and this way she may meet an eligible noble bachelor.
Pter Thanis has a dream of winning the Solaris Grand Chamionship to give him the seed money he needs to start his own mech engineering firm.  His capabilities though favor more his martial abilities than his technical.  A past dealing with a SAFE operative has also earned him the attention of Loki.
Wilhelm Oberman is a Loki agent with some minimal cross training as a mechwarrior.  Fortunately he's not had to rely on those skills so far in his career.

Annie Walker is a small town doctor who is just waiting for the chance to get off her homeworld to have some adventure in her life.
Burt Campman is a fairly typical backwater rancher who looks after his kin.  His ranch is large and profitable and he keeps an eye out for raiders because of it.
Charles Moore was a Taurian diplomat attached to the mission to the second Star League before it was disbanded.  Like many Taurians he served in the military before going to university to become a Lawyer.  In the chaos that has erupted and so far from home he, his wife, and his daughter float around wherever a jumpship will take them that isn't embroiled in fighting.
Neriane Williams had a chance encounter with Gelyan Tubbs before the Jihad had soured the relationship between the Word and the Magistrocy too badly.  At first she was infatuated with him but when she learned the truth of his beliefs she joined the army as soon as she was able.  She has become an able soldier fighting against the Word of Blake.
Reginold Greyscuttle is a pirate who worked his way into the Chaos March from the periphery.  Unlike most pirates he has taken up smuggling rather than raiding.  Despite being illiterate Reginold is a highly intelligent man with a great working knowledge of Interstellar Law.
Galen Welsh happened to be his planets only mechwarrior when the Clans decided to finally pay his world a visit.  Through some incredible luck Galen managed to best the Jade Falcon warrior sent to meet him in battle.  His mother found a cure to a local disease that interrupted a person's ability to use a neurohelmet just in time to get him some help with some adventerous Wolves.  Again Galen won mostly through sheer luck and had began to accumulate quite a collection of female trueborn mechwarriors who were willing to become his bondsmen.  As a third Clan force was fought off Galen had found he had fallen in love with the Jade Falcon trueborn mechwarrior he had first defeated.  With the Clans getting the hint the Diamond Sharks moved in to achieve through trade that which had been failed to be taken by conquest.  Now Galen is looking to explore the strange new worlds opened up to him.
Heather Welsh is Galen's sister and had contracted the disease.  Before she had contracted the disease it had always been intended for her to take over for their father and as such she is the more skilled mechwarrior.  She has started dating one of the Clan Wolf Elementals who became bondsmen after the second fight.
Julio Fransisco is an aging Taurian Marshal who took over Monbvol Tweek's Linemen when the unit had returned to the Concordat and had been expanded to a full corp dubbed the 1st Taurian Glory.  A capable but not exceptional Mechwarrior Julio is more use in a command facility than in his cobbled together Awesome.  His wife and son remained at their family home on Amber Grove while he traveled with the unit.  To his surprise his adopted daughter Lain Matsumoto was the XO of Tweek's Linemen when he took it over.  Julio cares for his family deeply and any who threaten them had best be prepared for his wrath.
Lain Matsumoto grew up on the streets before being rescued by Monbvol Tweek which lead to her being adopted by Julio Fransisco.  Joining the TDF Lain showed enough promise that she actually spent some time helping Julio when he was an instructor in Mech Tactics.  She left to join Tweek's Linemen when the war broke out without letting her adopted father know.  Upon her return she proved to be an exceptional mechwarrior with a Battlemaster captured from a Davion foe.
Monbvol Tweek came from poverty and was determined to escape it.  He managed to do so by joining the TDF and getting together a combined arms battalion that he named Tweek's Linemen.  He immediately turned them Mercenary to avoid getting caught up in the senseless fights of the current Concordat leadership.  It is also rumored he used the money to start a chain of restaurants with a seedy reputation that are difficult to find.   Now that they have returned to the Concordat who knows what fate will befall them.
Robert Lee is an old war horse who's been trained to pilot just about everything the Concordat has to offer.  Where he truly excels though is in hand to hand, melee, small arms, and stealth.  His abilities in these skills could be without match in the Inner Sphere.  Creating a mercenary unit known as the Fallen Angels Robert waged a dark and gritty fight across the Inner Sphere creating a reputation for unconventional and often horrific warfare.  Though when looking through reports on his actions an unusual pattern emerges, the Fallen Angels actually took pains to minimize possible civilian casualties.
Steve and Sue Reed are Taurian born mercenary mechwarriors.  Steve is actually younger than his wife and less skilled as a mechwarrior but with only one mech between them and his wife having additional skills as a technician and civil engineer he took point on being the mechwarrior until he was injured in action.  Once he recovered though he took back the responsibilities.  The mercenary unit they were a part of having folded they now seek work elsewhere.

Terrans who aren't Blakists or Comstar:
Marielle Clover is a scientist working to achieve her ideal of utopia.  Genetically perfect humans who are governed by a caring and nurturing nanny AI.  Afraid her work will be perverted by others she is seeking a more suitable work environment.
Title: Re: Basic character info...
Post by: adamhowe on 06 May 2012, 16:42:41
I've added a Free Worlds League character to my list.  He's a Noble and a Mechwarrior.  I also have plans for a Lyran Battlemech Salesman, and a St. Ives Guerrilla Insurgent.
Title: Re: Basic character info...
Post by: adamhowe on 06 May 2012, 18:55:52
I've added a Free Worlds League character to my list.  He's a Noble and a Mechwarrior.  I also have plans for a Lyran Battlemech Salesman, and a St. Ives Guerrilla Insurgent.

Now I've added even more characters to my to do list.  One is an Outworlds Alliance Aerospace Fighter Pilot.  There's a Lyran Battlemech Salesman, A Capellan Confederation St. Ives Guerrilla, and finally a Draconis Combine Special Forces soldier.
Title: Re: Basic character info...
Post by: adamhowe on 06 May 2012, 20:07:05
Now I've added even more characters to my to do list.  One is an Outworlds Alliance Aerospace Fighter Pilot.  There's a Lyran Battlemech Salesman, A Capellan Confederation St. Ives Guerrilla, and finally a Draconis Combine Special Forces soldier.

Now I've added a Clan Coyote Scientist.
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Post by: adamhowe on 08 May 2012, 18:38:49
I think Kristina here is a really fun character.
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Post by: adamhowe on 09 May 2012, 07:53:17
Here's my FedSuns character.