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Title: Historical: War of 3039
Post by: Xotl on 23 June 2012, 10:40:50
This thread is for all issues and problems with Historical: War of 3039.

There is no compiled errata for this product at this time.

Please remember to follow the errata report template (,2412.msg171290.html#msg171290) when reporting issues.  Thanks.
Title: Re: Historical: War Of 3039
Post by: ClanWolverine101 on 02 November 2013, 12:38:34
Historical: of 3039 - PDF Edition
Version 1.0, February 2005, based on first printing
Pages 104-105, "Capra"

Here's the problem: The section refers to a "Major General Grissom Miller, CO of the First Crucis Lancers Armored Regiment" extensively. It further states he later achieved the rank of "Field Marshal", connecting him to the Grissom Miller listed in the 20 Year Update.

Unfortunately, Miller's Marauders were also commanded by a "Grissom Miller", holding the rank of Major. He is mentioned in the same book, multiple times. Further, he is mentioned in other books, such as the original House Davion sourcebook and the NAIS Fourth Succession War books.

This is a conflict. Can someone explain this? Thanks.

Title: Re: Historical: War of 3039
Post by: Zanzanar on 24 July 2018, 14:24:12
Page 148-49 Kurita and Davion Assault RAT

Looking at the RATs in this book, I noticed that the A-ranked Davion assault mech table has the KGC-0000 and tags it as 80 tons, while the identical spot on the Kurita table has the Victor but lists it as 100 tons. Could these mechs have been swapped somehow?