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Title: Hero mode armor and expanded wound effects
Post by: Acolyte on 30 March 2013, 03:06:42

Say Billy Bob get shot with a standard rifle in the chest and rolls a 5 for Heart. 3x damage for 12, he's dead. Say he's wearing an ablative/flak vest. 4 points of Fatigue, no problem, right? 3x damage for 12 plus a dazed effect for 1D6 more - say a roll of 4. 16 fatigue. Billy is average in every way so with a 4 WIL he can take 8 Fatigue, the other 8 get transferred to Standard Damage. He has a BOD of 4 so he can take 8. He's dead.

This makes things fairly realistic IMO. Granted, with higher attributes character's aren't dying, but they aren't feeling very happy about life either.

Anyone else have experience with this? A question also arises: if Fatigue spills over to Standard, do people give the standard damage effect, the fatigue effect, or both?

   - Shane
Title: Re: Hero mode armor and expanded wound effects
Post by: Kitsune413 on 21 May 2013, 20:22:37
Spent alot of time with third edition. (actually really enjoyed it. don't know many others who have)

I'm going to start playing 4th edition soon hopefully. So going to test this out alot. 4th Editions lethality is kind of disturbing. But I'm hoping it will be as useful of a system as third edition was.