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Title: Gamestorm 13 Day 1
Post by: FedCom4Ever on 28 March 2011, 18:48:44
This past week we played at our local Con in the Northwest called Gamestorm. It happens every year at the Hilton in Vancouver Washington.

The scenario for the event was the liberation of Earth from the Word of Blake forces. The forces for the game were made up of various units. The premise was that General Redburn combined leftover commands into ad-hoc units that could still be used to take the war to the Blakists. We had 3 companies with one lance of vehicle support each. The players submitted their unit wish list and I filled in the blanks with other units I felt could accomplish the mission. I tossed in a ton of experimental and advanced designs to spice up the game. There were 3 phases to the event. On day 1 players would need to secure the dropzone, day 2 attack an exposed entrance to a lesser Castle Brian near Istanbul, day 3 flush out the WOB from the Castle and secure it.

Day 1.

The commander of the company was asked how he would approach the landing zone. The Captain of the Dropship advised him that they could come in hot and surprise the WOB or they could come in carefully and offload the troops, but the WOB would know where they were going to land and could throw up a good defense.

The company Captain decided to come in hot. Due to some unstable repairs to the dropship it crash landed on the battlefield causing damage to the Mech company inside. I rolled a 12 sided dice and rolled for 4 mechs. Those mechs could not leave the dropship due to being either dead or stuck in their cradles. Everyone had to also roll a basic piloting skill roll to see if any of the mechwarriors took damage. 3 units out of one complete lance got stuck. Another, a Battlemaster, was also stuck on the dropship. All of the remaining pilots succeeded in their pilot rolls and deployed in the order their Captain laid out for them.


On each turn 4 units could deploy from the dropship. On the first round only one deployed because his fellows had been stuck. He retreated close to a forest for cover and waited for reinforcements. The fighting went on as your typical slugfest. The long range Celestials stood on a nearby hill and peppered the enemy force as they deployed. The C3i came in handy helping them to make direct hits. A combat drop of vehicles was called in to assist the Coalition. Mostly containing long to medium range weapons, they helped keep the WOB at bay.

The Battalion commander was called in when it seemed the WOB would breach the perimeter. After that the WOB deployed their purifier battle armor. 4 squads deployed on Karnov Transports while the others rode in on Blizzard hover vehicles. The Coalition company felt they could not keep the enemy out of their defense perimeter when the BA showed up. However the Karnov's proved to be nothing but paper to the shots from a Coalition Emperor that used it's new Silver Bullet Gauss Rifles to great effect.


The BA were deployed and mostly acted as distractions as they tried to allow their Mechwarriors move in for the kill. By the time the game was up the Celestials had taken too much damage to continue the fight and with all the rest of the Coalition forces on the table they were fighting overwhelming odds.

Title: Re: Gamestorm 13 Day 1
Post by: markhall on 29 March 2011, 03:38:49
Nice Report.

Lovely looking table and Dropship.

And by the sounds of it a fun senario.
Title: Re: Gamestorm 13 Day 1
Post by: 17th Spartans on 01 April 2011, 01:44:50
Oh yes what a Great day! Played the whole day and did not take one hit! C3 systems and ERPPC's are great!
Title: Re: Gamestorm 13 Day 1
Post by: Libertadkrieger on 04 April 2011, 17:02:20
I'm interested in seeing how the rest of this plays out.
Title: Re: Gamestorm 13 Day 1
Post by: MoneyLovinOgre4Hire on 21 April 2011, 02:31:01
Actually, we didn't lose the Battlemaster, we lost a Marauder 5R, a Warhammer 8K, a Grasshopper, and an Enforcer III 6NAIS.  The Battlemaster was over on the far side of the Dropship next to the Emperor most of the time.