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Title: 2014 Battle Reports
Post by: jackpot4 on 13 April 2014, 00:48:19
It seems like this forum is starting to quiet down!  That is a no go!  I have in the recent month got back in to MechWarrior, I currently play with my brother after combining our two collections and now have a significant number of pieces for most of the factions.  I am a player of Davion/Swordsworn and Ghost bears while my brother enjoys using Banson's Raiders and Highlanders.  Recently he even acquired a colossal mech to use against me...  It's not bad enough you have to almost roll critical hits to hit highlanders, now this monstrosity stands in my way.

So in an effort to keep some activity here in one of the last bastions of MechWarrior players I will update this thread every few days once another clash of armies has commenced.  I am even thinking of a couple campaign ideas for us to play through and I can report in of the happenings. 

I will start off with a report of our first conflict, it was Davion/SS vs Highlanders/mercs.  (DA rules/no cards) My army hinged on the use of #030 Templar and Hendrene Michalik and his on Caden Senn and the merc Kelswa assault tank.  On my left flank I moved up Sgt. Leo Riordan into some hindering to control that side of the battlefield, halting the advance of his ursa. 

He went straight up the middle with Caden Senn and his near impervious defense while I infantry dropped three SRM teams to deal some ranged combat formation armor piercing damage.  While plinking away at the Ryoken II I sent a formation of purifiers to move up the right flank and engage some infantry and distract the tank. 

Returning to the left flank I was cracking off shots with Leo but missing left and right with Caden but managed to pick off some infantry.  I took Hendrene and drove her straight up the left flank in a failed attempt to ram his ursa.  Turn after turn I tried to shoot the mech but no matter how high my attack she couldn't hit anything but some infantry he based her with.  The hovertank was slowly picked apart. 

Meanwhile with the distractions on both flanks I was able to deal heavy damage to Caden with my Templar and SRM teams.  He turned tail and headed back to the safety of the tank but was dropped before getting there.  My purifiers were getting annihilated by the kelswa and the mercenary infantry were all he had left other than the heavily damaged ursa.  About this time the hour was up and we called the game, I was victorious.

Game 2;
This was a few days later on a larger playing area.  We played a mashup of DA and AOD rules without cards. (We are getting to only AOD rules)

This battle would be against two different enemies, Banson's Raiders and the Ghost Bears.  My key units were Stormwind Battlemaster and the Marauder IIC backed up by a huit assault tank (047).  He had a formation of 2 M1 marksmans and a DI Schmitt followed by the kelswa assault tank; all backing up suzie "qutter", a sun cobra, and bart bradshaw.

Stormwind took to the left flank with an Enyo tank, the Huit, a Tokugawa, and lone Wraith BA went up the center while a 3 man formation of Wraiths followed the Marauder up the right flank.  He advanced his tank formation into some hindering on his side of the play area on my right flank and moved the sun cobra and qutter up behind them.  In the center he placed his kelswa to cover the center of the board, somewhere I vowed to never go this game.  On the left he moved up Bart bradshaw to slow my Battlemaster's advance.

The fighting began on my right flank, his suncobra and ghost advanced quickly using runs up the nearby abrupt elevated to get the high ground on my marauder, he immediately attempted an alpha strike, which.....................missed, 8 clicks of damage missed.  Even for a Ghost Bear that'd be too much too fast in a game.  Between my wraiths, marauder, and tank/1 infantry formation I began to pick apart the mechs while he inched his tanks closer.  They began to open fire on my marauder and they exchanged shots.

He advanced infantry in the mean time to delay my battlemaster's advance.  Bart bradshaw was nicking it's armor but that only made my pilot meaner and the battlemaster began tearing units apart.  After a long battle both the sun cobra and ghost fell.  The homing beacon on the Tokugawa certainly changed the direction of the firefight.  My marauder took the hill and began to reign down fire on the tanks. 

The Toku and Huit took to center of the board to engage and distract the kelswa from my advancing battlemaster but he took notice and became extremely aggressive.  He charged with Bart to damage my battlemaster, did a 2 SRM team infantry drop and rammed but failed with a transport.  The battlemaster was surrounded.  I desperately fought my heat dial and attacking nearly every turn to end this mad charge, one by one between the enyo and Battlemaster the damage was done to kill off bradshaw, the two infantry and the transport fled.

The battlemaster exchanged fire as his tanks broke formation and came to kelswa's aid.  But it was too late, the battlemaster had hit multiple times and the kelswa was knocked from its ungodly first click.  The battlemaster in it's firefight took critical damage and was salvaged and began a hasty retreat.  Covering its retreat was the Huit, toku, infantry and marauder.  The two tanks finished off the tank formation and salvaged the kelswa but the toku was destroyed, wraiths killed and the huit was salvaged.  What remained that could fight?!

My force:
Battlemaster - salvaged
huit - salvaged
toku - destroyed
infantry - dead
marauder - heavy damage
enyo - functional

His force:
ghost - destroyed
sun cobra - destroyed
bradshaw - destroyed
m1 marksman - destroyed
m1 marksman - destroyed
DI Schmitt - destroyed
kelswa - salvaged
1 infantry - I remember not its name, all I remember is its REFLECTIVE ARMOR!

The irony?  My marauder could only shoot energy and my enyo only has energy weapons!  The pain of this engagement struck me...

To give a little backstory, when my brother rolls, if he needs a 20 he rolls a critical hit, if he needs 6 he will never hit.  when I roll, if its anything over 8 I am lucky if I hit.

So now we have this one lone infantry against my marauder.  The marauder can't shoot it and it has taken heavy damage but is at least cooled.  What I forsee:  my marauder bases this guy and gets captured. 

So I move in for the terrifying battle between his little armor infantry and my assault mech that can only hurt it by stepping on it.  I roll for close combat....................................................... MISS!  I take my pushing heat.  He rolls for capture.....................................................MISS!  I roll for close combat.............................................................................. sweat pours down my brow as the random dice from the steel wolves and swordsworn roll my mech's fate before I take this click of heat and start rolling for heat sink overload and shutdown......................... HIT! 

He takes his clicks and the vile infantry dies.  The Ghost bears are victorious!  I look down to check the marauder.  It went salvage the next click.  The insanity!  I take game 2.

Game three:
This game happened yet another few days later, about a week ago.  It was time for another highlander vs davion battle.

I once again brought forth my trusty Templar, JES II missile carrier and untrustworthy hendrene michalik hovertank.  He fielded 2 ursas and the kelswa was nowhere to be found!  he focused more on infantry this game. 

We begin the fight and he makes a line straight to my JES, he has hated that vehicle since our first game all those years ago when I got it out of my first starter during the first release. 

This game was madness, almost akin to a zombie attack.  I cannot remember most of this confrontation beyond that.  I will skip to the end.  A single building sits in the center of the field to cut it in half, he attacks and utterly destroys the JES, I think it got off one salvo of missiles.  My Templar took refuge behind this building as his army swarmed.  He sat behind the building facing slightly to the left and then the madness began.  In one turn, they came.

He charged and rammed around the left side of the building vehicle by vehicle, ursa by ursa.  hit, miss, hit, miss.  the Templar could only fire so much in a vain attempt to stop the horde without overheating.  He shot, shot, flushed, shot, shot, flushed over and over.  All the while about 8 inches back hendrene michalik with her 11 attack missed EVRY SINGLE SHOT in support of my Templar, even into various rear arcs!  That 5 with pulse was useless!

The Templar was still standing after the onslaught, overheated, but still standing.  All around him lie destroyed heaps of vehicles and mechs.  The madness had ended.  All I remember is the hour was up and the Templar and pushed to death cause it kept missing hovertank were all that was left. 

That game was a lot of fun.  So far I have won all 3 games, but next week I face Poseidon.  I cannot wait to bring out my davion atlas and dual Templars for this engagement.  When my brother makes his comeback he will slaughter my armies almost as the clans did to the inner sphere. 

I will post a report of this upcoming fight after the bloodbath. 

If anyone else is CURRENTLY playing and has fun battle stories, post them!  I mean current because to keep this game alive we have to talk about how we are currently playing!  No old war stories, just new fresh ones!  Until I report again!
Title: Re: 2014 Battle Reports
Post by: jackpot4 on 17 April 2014, 03:33:39
The two Battleforces squared off.  The scenario was 1350 points per side, 40inch by 40 inch board, 3 pieces of terrain each.  The Republic vs House Davion. 

Republic force's notable units:
Katsu Moriyama

Davion force's notable units:
Atlas 033
Templar 030
Celaeno Shrike
Sgt. Leo Riordan
Hendrene Michalik

Davion started out aggressively taking to the center of the board.  Dead center was a pool of water the Poseidon was clearly making a move for.  Hindering was on the left flank just 4 inches from the water to which the Templar ran to secure.  The Atlas walked up the center.  The Shrike took to a piece of abrupt elevated terrain on the right flank.  Sgt Leo backed up the Templar and Hendrene backed up the Shrike. 

The Republic played very conservatively which is what gave the Davion troops the advantage.  The entire game the only thing that even touched the pool of water was a hoverbike flying over.  Shots were exchanged immediately, breaking cover and assaulting the Templar took the first shot, an immediate 6 clicks of PPC capacitor damage.  To try to keep the momentum up the Atlas fired as well but did nothing more than spend ammo on oxygen.  Following suite the Shrike opened fire but managed to at least hit an AA vehicle even though it missed the Colossal mech.

For what seemed like forever fire was exchanged.  Sgt Leo Riordan served his purpose as a distraction to get the Loki to heat up so the Templar could continue its brutal attack on the Poseidon.  Once he was salvaged he immediately took a tactical movement to the rear.  In the mean time Katsu Moriyama made an attempt at a DFA on the Shrike, missing. 

Heat dials were disregarded as near every round the Davion forces fired in a desperate attempt to bring down the monster; firing until ammo was exploding and heat sinks were overloading.  An SRM Team formation drop did a few crucial clicks of damage.  Finally PPC after PPC the Templar landed a killing blow and Poseidon fell next to the pool of water it never made it to.  The Loki then took charge and charged the Atlas which had taken some decent damage from Poseidon just before it fell.

Dealing a monsterous 6 clicks of damage the Atlas had no response but to deploy a Clan Battle Armor and Salamander Battle Armor.  They swarmed the Loki to slow down its destructive path.  The Loki even got a shot off at the nearby Templar causing it to shut down.  In all the chaos the close combat fight between the Shrike and Crimson Hawk a mere 7 inches away was forgotten.

The Shrike has been pinned down by the mech and AA guns most of the match.  Finally a killing blow was dealt to Katsu and the mech was no more.  The Shrike was immediately based and utilizing the free spin took aim into the rear arc of the Loki nearby who had just shut down the Templar and Atlas after dealing a lot of damage to both.  The Infantry were no match for the Heavy mech.  With a blast of Armor Piercing ammo into the Loki's rear arc, it went straight into salvage to which the nearby Templar powered up to deal the kill shot.

The dust had finally settled 2 hours and 15 minutes after it was kicked up.  All that remained of the Republic were fleeing AA vehicles and Coolant Trucks.  Davion left the Battlefield with a Templar, Shrike, Salvaged Atlas, and salvaged DI Schmitt. 

Title: Re: 2014 Battle Reports
Post by: jackpot4 on 18 April 2014, 12:02:23
Liao was set to engage the Ghost Bears just yesterday.  The 600 point engagement took place in a small city block. 

The Ghost Bear forces:
Mad Cat MkIV
Huit Assault tank
2x Thunderbird
4x Wraith

Liao Forces:
Headmaster Atlas
2x Glory Fire Supports
1x Kelswa Assault Tank
1x Combat technicians

It was a very even fight.  The Liao forces moved around the buildings in a tight formation, all units in base contact at the end of the turn.  The Ghost Bear forces moved around to engulf the tight formation.  The Mad Cat Mk IV ran out to far right flank, Wraiths took to the middle utilizing the building's cover, and the Huit, Toku, and thunderbirds moved out to meet the incoming force. 

The Mad Cat moved even further and was nearly behind the formation.  The Toku broke formation in an attempt to delay the formation from breaking by being a distraction.  It immediately took ten clicks of damage from the tanks and blew up.  The Thunderbirds followed suit and began bounding to engage the enemy force.  The Atlas became very aggressive and charged the Mad Cat.  It missed.

For the charge the Atlas had to charge behind a building to the covered Mad Cat.  The overheated mech began eating PPC after PPC.  In a desperate fight the Mad Cat was able to avoid all damage in the time it took to completely kill the Atlas.  In the meantime every turn possible the huit was firing, at the same time missing every single shot on the Kelswa.  Improved Targetting be damned this gunner was not going to shoot anything.  After 5 or 6 clicks of pushing damage to the Huit itself the Kelswa finished it off as a mercy killing.

The Wraiths and Thunderbirds engaged during the intense fight with the Atlas to keep the tanks at bay so the mech could duel.  One by one they were picked off by the tanks that didn't move more than once the entire game.  No matter how much the Kelswa was pushed it was repaired over and over, this one infantry was the primary target to kill.  One infantry managed to do some close combat but it was not enough to kill it. 

After the smoke cleared all that remained was the Mad Cat, Tanks, and the one repair infantry.  In a mad bloodlust the Mad Cat made an assault order and failed, missing everything.  Upon the next salvo of 9 clicks of damage from two tanks hitting and one missing he was at his prime.  In a desperate last strike the Mad Cat fired off 5 clicks of damage into the kelswa but the Glory Fires dealt the killing blows. 

The Tanks took the field of battle this last evening.
Title: Re: 2014 Battle Reports
Post by: Captain of C-21 on 19 April 2014, 13:46:11
I'm trying to meet up with a couple players in the nearby area, if we get some battles done, I'll report on them (with pictures!)
Title: Re: 2014 Battle Reports
Post by: jackpot4 on 19 April 2014, 17:07:01
I am actually going to get pictures uploaded myself for the last report and future games, just got to get around to it haha. 
Title: Re: 2014 Battle Reports
Post by: jackpot4 on 21 April 2014, 14:34:45
A battle erupted just yesterday between a lance of Highlanders and a lance of Davion/Sworn sworn.  In a 750 point battle the Davion units took the field.  To give some background we all know the highlanders with their high defenses yet low attacks makes them long lasting and hard to hit but Davion's high attacks and moderate defenses gave them the advantage.  Right off the bat Davion took the field. 

The Templar made a quick movement into the nearby hindering terrain to keep the Zeus at bay and take control of the center of the field.  He was followed and supported by a single Salamander battle armor.  Bringing up the center of the board was an Enforcer III and on the left flank, 3 Gnome Battle Armor, Skullcap Garret and a Centurion. Things lit up quickly.

The Highlander spider immediately charged Skullcap and dealt him some damage.  The 2 ursas made haste to get within charging distance.  To delay their mad rushes the Enforcer attempted a ballistic attack, but missed terribly.  On the far right flank the highlanders tried to sneak an attack helicopter into the Davion rear arcs.  The ursas let loose and began their charging sprees, somehow missing both times against the Enforcer.  It was a chaotic battle.

On the left flank the Centurion and gnomes were picking apart the spider trying to slow it down from tearing apart the now shut down skullcap garret.  He missed terribly in an alpha strike attempt to do 7 clicks of damage.  The Templar saw the helicopter as it came swinging around the right flank and was able to fire and hit both the ursa in front of the Enforcer and the helicopter.  The armor protecting them only allowed minimal damage though, but as a result of the shot the Templar failed his shutdown roll...

The helicopter swung around to the rear of the fighting in the center of the map ready to bear down on the desperately fighting enforcer's rear arc.  It also was even more chaotic that now the Zeus had moved into position to engage the enforcer, but couldn't manage to make the shot into the fight.  One thing the helicopter pilot missed was that the highlander spider had already been scrapped and the Centurion nearby was looking for a new target to engage while the Gnomes concentrated on destroying the spider.  In a single assault order the Centurion brought 5 clicks of armor piercing damage into the helicopter's port side sending it crashing to a heap.

At this point the ursas were in salvage and soon to be destroyed and then it would be the Zeus fighting a losing battle against a Templar still on green arrow, Enforcer with minimal damage, a Centurion on the green arrow and 4 battle armor still healthy.  This was certainly not the Highlander's day on the battle field...

Title: Re: 2014 Battle Reports
Post by: jackpot4 on 21 April 2014, 14:39:49
The pictures for this last battle are all in sequence of events.
Title: Re: 2014 Battle Reports
Post by: jackpot4 on 21 April 2014, 14:47:04
more pictures from the battle

The second one is when the centurion assault ordered and killed the helicopter
Title: Re: 2014 Battle Reports
Post by: jackpot4 on 21 April 2014, 14:48:14
the last picture of the battle.

The spider would soon be destroyed, both ursas would be destroyed, skullcap garret was salvaged and the Zeus would soon be overwhelmed.
Title: Re: 2014 Battle Reports
Post by: jackpot4 on 25 April 2014, 13:12:39
The thunder could be heard for miles as the armies moved in to face each other. House Davion and Highlanders were competing once more for the field of battle.  At 1500 points, these armies brought some serious firepower.

Peacemaker Malice
Caden Senn
Sweetness Exhumer
Kinnol MBT
boatload of infantry battle armor and transports

Templar 030
Enforcer III
Corruptor Daishi
Behemoth II
Sgt Leo Riordan
assorted SRM teams and Laser Teams and Gnomes

The battle began to rage quickly as the two opposing armies met.  In preparation for an infantry drop the transports lined up behind a building in the center of the battlefield, Caden Senn took to the nearby lake, Peacemaker took to the middle of the field and Sweetness took to a patch of trees.  The Davion Templar took his time moving up the center of the map into a pond, the Daishi and Riordan took the left flank and the Enforcer and Behemoth took the right flank. 

The single Davion transport with the SRM teams was immediately engaged by the Malice in an attempt to keep three SRM teams from hitting the Ryoken II.  It was taken all the way to salvage by its assault order.  In retaliation the Enforcer III armed with a homing beacon tagged the malice opening it up to fire from the Daishi and Centurion on top of the initial damage.  In one turn the mech was obliterated.  Battle armor began to swarm as they departed their transports.  They only seemed to slow the Davion advance as opposed to doing any damage. 

The behemoth had its shot at caden senn but missed to have the Ryoken II return fire multiple turns in a row, ultimately destroying the tank.  On the left flank the Daishi moved up onto the abrupt elevated terrain to have a firing position on the incoming army.  Two turns in a row a ranged shot was attempted on the Kinnol MBT and Exhumer, but missed both times (12 attack to a 24d and 20d).  In those same turns the formation of Gnomes led by a Fenrir Battle armor had made their way onto the abrupt elevated terrain tried a range formation attack with anti personnel and missed on the formation of achileus battle armor. 

A number of misses kept the units under the Daishi's range alive, long enough so that the Exhumer could charge the Daishi, but luckily missed that one.  An achileus made base contact with the Daishi and made a vain attempt at capturing but missed.  At this point the battlefield had been divided.

Across the center and right flank Davion Infantry cut off any chance at a flank attack by Caden Senn as they were backed up by the Templar.  The Centurion made its way up to the abrupt elevated terrain as well to fire off some shots.  The line of vehicles of the highlanders made a sort of traffic jam in the center of the map while a single davion hoverbike was driving around in the center of the mess.  At this point the battle was placed on pause and will be continued in the next couple days.  Stay tuned!

1) Davion
2) Highlanders
3) Just after Peacemaker destroyed and Enforcer nearly salvaged
4) Daishi and Gnomes move up the hill and try to fire at everything
Title: Re: 2014 Battle Reports
Post by: jackpot4 on 25 April 2014, 13:15:03
This is the final picture before the pause until we can finish the battle.
Title: Re: 2014 Battle Reports
Post by: jackpot4 on 25 April 2014, 13:19:47
If there are any questions about how we play just ask, there are a couple rules tweaks but the biggest changes so far are for cards.

-When using mercenaries we ignore recruit costs
-gear and pilots can be attached to any mech DA or AOD
-When it comes to a DA unique it can only be given a generic pilot, not a named pilot
Title: Re: 2014 Battle Reports
Post by: jackpot4 on 29 April 2014, 15:38:39
This was a knock down, drag out fight - both armies fought to the bitter end.  When we left off the Ryoken II was preparing to charge and promptly did so, dealing a deadly blow to the Templar.  With the hardened armor the SRM team with the Laser Teams nearby did all they could to hurt the monstrosity.  When pushed to return fire with what little firepower the Templar had left it missed AND failed a shutdown roll.  It was slowly picked apart and finally destroyed. 

During this time formations of infantry for the highlanders were landing just about every attempt to fire on the Daishi while the Daishi against all sense was missing wide and far on every assigned target.  Luckily it managed to make a hasty movement to the rear while it worked together with the Centurion to obliterate the exhumer. 

In what seemed as an overwhelming force the Highlanders pushed the Davion army back.  The infantry were dropped out of the helicopter to repair the Ryoken II and then it made double time to the far side of the board to help the vehicles push the Daishi and Centurion back.  The Davion infantry did their best to create a wall of fire to slow the Highlander's advance and it worked for a small time. 

The Daishi continued to eat more and more damage and finally was taken out leaving just the Davion infantry and Centurion against multiple vehicles and the Ryoken II.  As the infantry held the Ryoken at bay the Centurion made a movement to take out the tank behind the hill that was somehow landing nearly every single indirect fire shot on the infantry.  In it's path though a MASH vehicle was attempting to sneak up and you guessed it, ram the centurion, but an assault order later the MASH vehicle was salvaged and destroyed.  Next the Centurion made its way around and took out the tank, then returned to what was left of the infantry line.

During the Centurion's rampage the Amphibious vehicle and Ryoken were slaughtering the infantry line and once the Centurion returned to the pool of water the Ryoken ran and based, but surprisingly did not charge.  The Infantry and Amphibious vehicle combined with pushing damage killed each other off and it was a showdown between the heavily damaged ryoken II and the Centurion who had taken only a couple clicks of damage.  In a deadly salvo of lasers the Centurion annihilated the Ryoken.  The only survivor of this massacre?  The lone Centurion pilot....
Title: Re: 2014 Battle Reports
Post by: jackpot4 on 29 April 2014, 15:57:00
On the evening of the 28th the Clan Jade Falcon wanted to make a vain attempt to invade Liao territory.  Unexpectedly the once formidable clan only appeared as a simple nuisance.  In the 600 point battle the Armies looked like this:

Jade Falcon:
Jiyi Chistu
Hanse MBT
Kinnol MBT
Skanda Light Tank
Sylph Battle Armor
Clan Battle Armor
Gnome Battle Armor
Salamander Battle Armor
2x flamer teams

2x Recon vehicles
1x transport helo
2x infantry

The 18 inch range was as though it was nothing as both Liao mechs had electronic camouflage.  Quickly the fight went into Liao's favor, the Gyrfalcon was immediately charged by the Targe and took a blistering amount of damage, following up with missing an attack of its own then subsequently being blown to hell by the Targe was scrapped.  On the Left Flank the Tanks tried to form a ring around the incoming path of movement by the incoming vehicles, but because the Clan Jade Falcon had not yet seemed to discover 360 degree arcs the Tanks were quickly unable to fire.

The Helicopter kept low and dropped infantry behind all three tanks, they began to get off easy rear arc shots.  Luckily a shot would manage to get off here and there by the Jade Falcon tanks and deal a slight bit of damage, managing to finally kill the first Recon Vehicle.

In a quick reaction the Battle armor formation made a quick about face to engage the Targe who had overheated itself in the process of cleaning the floor with the Gyrfalcon.  The Shockwave made its entrance and ran far past the infantry to get all Falcon units in range on the right flank near the targe and Battle Armor.  The infantry slowly picked apart the tanks but they managed to keep moving, trying to make their way into firing range of the mechs.  But over and over the transport dropped the infantry behind the tanks as they made their way to the right flank.

They kept losing armor and defense values but couldn't move fast enough to get anything in their short 10 and 12 inch ranges, after all the skanda was wiped out first by the infantry.  The Battle Armor swarmed a Recon vehicle that came to help out the mechs, and in doing so captured it.  The other two battle armor based the Targe only for it to break away and hurt both of them.  The Flamer teams were running everywhere, doing very little with their four inch range and flamers. 

One team managed to base the shockwave and heat it up, however after shutting it down after it had been dealt significant damage by the battle armor, it still failed a capture attempt and killed itself in the process.  The Recon vehicle's captor was soon killed by a series of close combat attacks by one of the Liao infantry and quickly after that the Battle armor were wiped out.  But let's not forget the Falcon tanks!  Yes, they were quickly eradicated over these turns after missing almost every shot on anything and dying from pushing damage.

One can easily deduce from this match that the Clan will not being seeing the light of day again soon, if ever.... Don't worry about the sylph, simply saying he crashed into the ground was more honorable than his participation in this firefight.
Title: Re: 2014 Battle Reports
Post by: jackpot4 on 08 September 2014, 12:15:45
The war rages on!

Malvina Hazen wants to attempt to retake Terra in her vicious campaign.  She has been able to contact Jonah Levin to challenge him in a Trial to bring down the Fortress Walls or be held back in the years to come, much like the last Clan defeat.  He accepts her challenge.

Malvina's forces:
Shrike "Black Rose"
Shrike "Celaeno"
Gyrfalcon - Jiyi Chistu
Gyrfalcon - Trovic Nilloba
Eyrie - Lyza Helmer

Republic forces:
Atlas - Exarch Jonah Levin
Marauder - Nicodemus Neimeyer
Enforcer III - Julian Davion
Enforcer III - House Davion pilot
Crimson Hawk - Katsu Moriyama

The Falcons outweigh the Republic by about 20 tons (84 points).  She does not want a repeat of the previous failed Clan Invasion.  She begins her brutal attack charging head first into the field of battle.  Jonah takes to the opening to control the left flank as the only opposition is a light eyrie.  Celaeno engages Jonah in a vicious firefight as the Eyrie bides its time behind the building.  On the far right flank the two gyrfalcons move in to challenge the other Enforcer III and Katsu.  In a courageous stand the Enforcer tries to weather the blows by both gyrfalcons but ultimately is damaged severely. 

During these firefights Malvina jumps on top of the buildings to engage the Marauder so it cannot bring its streak missiles to the fight.  In a violent clash the Marauder lights up the Shrike with PPC after PPC while it rains cannon fire on the republic Knight.  As they exchange fire PPCs manage to do critical damage to the Shrike but an ammo explosion snuck up on the Maruader pilot.  Under such a heavy barrage the Shrike falls to the PPC strikes. 

While the Marauder held the Shrike back Katsu jumped a top the building nearby and engaged the advancing Gyrfalcons.  He managed to deal damage to the medium mechs but they promptly returned fire, destroying his mech.  Katsu was not the only one who who did a brave charge, as Jonah was beginning to heat up the Eyrie was preparing to make a move.  Julian Davion charged across the field to cover the Exarch but as he rounded the corner the Light mech got the jump on him and knocked him out of the fight.  This gave the Exarch enough time to tear his opposing Shrike apart, then focus on the quick moving light mech that couldnt seem to get through his armor.

(Not pictured, forgot to get a picture of the end of the fight)
After tearing apart the light mech he turned and began to head to the right flank.  Nicodemus had begun to push through the buildings as the Gyrfalcons chased around the right flank to catch him in his damaged mech from the firefight with the Clan's Khan.  The Falcons decided this would be a good time to withdraw as their leader had fallen and they stood no chance against the nearly full power Atlas and the Marauder that destroyed Black Rose. 

Thanks for reading!  I hope it was a little enjoyment for you!
Title: Re: 2014 Battle Reports
Post by: jackpot4 on 08 September 2014, 13:20:50
Ares walks again!

In this scenario an Ares and Poseidon go head to head with support mechs. 

Rosse's Revenge - Cave Lion
El Diablo Rojo - Neanderthal
Persuader - Cygnus
Combat Technicans 'Rhodes Graces' (cheese for days)

Zeus - Ares
EOD - Battlemaster
Buzzkill - Battlemaster
Vindication - Marauder

The pictures are re-enacted pictures.  These are based on what actually happened because I forgot to take pictures during the game.

The hands down MVP of this game were the combat technicians who repaired 4+ clicks every single turn.  The choice I was faced with was either sacrifice one of my mechs to kill the infantry or continue firing, hoping maybe the stupid thing would run short of replacement armor plates to cover up PPC holes.  Never missed a repair, never rolled lower than 4.  Also, just so everyone knows, poseidon had the pilot card that can repair past repair markers, so yes, the two infantry guys were carrying extra poseidon arms and weapons systems in their packs.

This was a bit of a frustrating match because for once I managed to hit most of my attacks that were 12+ only to have my 5 clicks of damage negated by the infantry.  There was only one turn where I could have swept in and possibly killed the infantry before the poseidon could have taken out the marauder, unfortunately I was so intent on killing it I momentarily forgot about the infantry. 

The two tripods begin the game by going straight to each other.  immediately he charges with the neanderthal and cave lion taking out half the dial on top of a made shot by the poseidon.  The retaliation I can pull off I light up the cave lion with the Marauder's PPCs and move EOD closer.  Buzzkill and Persuader exchange shots on the left flank. 

Once the cave lion is taken out, Zeus moves away from the shut down neanderthal opening up an alpha strike from EOD which obliterates the mech.  The zeus takes a few more shots from Poseidon but is quickly destroyed.  Poseidon then moves into the gap between the buildings but can't manage to hit the Marauder and its 24 defense.  They begin to exchange fire turn after turn as EOD gets into position to try an alpha strike.  Buzzkill begins to take too much damage from Persuader and falls.

The Marauder manages to heat up the Poseidon but not before disembarking its infantry.  Poseidon shuts down.  This is the key turn when I could have assaulted with the Marauder to possibly kill the infantry as the Marauder had taken a few hits but was heavily overheated.  But, instead it began to repair 4+ clicks every turn.  I managed to get in an alpha strike to slow the Poseidon's magical mid battle healing frenzy as one of his pilot cards allowed him to bypass repair markers. 

Finally after enough damage to kill two Ares mechs the Poseidon goes down.  Next up the Persuader charges in to severely injure the Marauder and finally kill it.  As EOD restarts and begins to exchange fire the Cygnus now moves into base contact with the infantry.  Since Bannson's raiders have somehow figured out howto create armor plates from thin air this mech basks in the glory of unlimited 4+ repair rolls.  To which no alpha strike or attack can defeat.  Soon I went from facing a salvaged Cygnus to a brand new one and EOD only had so much it could do with the amount of heat it was accumulating.  He tried to kill the infantry as I now had a partial chance to kill the cheese monster but the brand new Cygnus straight off the assembly line in mid battle was just too much.

Yes, kill the healer first, even if you must sacrifice an assault mech for a 15 point infantry.  The amount of damage I did I killed at least another assault mech and tripod.  Frustrating as all hell.

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The final pictures of this mid battle assembly line with infinite repair assets.
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Steiner's misstep....

A Steiner unit was out patrolling the city and they stumbled upon a deadly nightmare.  Two Battlemasters. 

The forces were:
"Unsterblich" Atlas
Raptor II


The Steiner forces split up immediately, making a deadly tactical mistake.  Yes, the total weight of the Steiner forces were 190 tons against 170 tons, but a Medium mech is no match against a Battlemaster on its own.  Right off the bat the Battlemaster charged up the left flank to make itself a priority concern for the steiner forces.  Buzzkill held back to line up shots.  The Raptor went around the corner to find itself face to face with Buzzkill, a fitting nickname given the situation.  A failed assault order on the Raptor's part left it well exposed to a barrage of missiles from Buzzkill, dealing heavy damage.

Advancing slowly with Linebackers so close, Unsterblich slowly advanced straight up the middle, keeping just hidden behind a building and using full advantage of his massive arc of fire.  The Uziel also made slow, deliberate movements as what seemed would be a combined attack was about to open up against Linebacker while Buzzkill was slightly distracted.  Linebacker pulled a move that shocked the Steiner forces and fell straight back.  This left them in a situation to regroup and hurry to get into position to try to salvage the situation.

The Raptor made a brave, yet vain attempt to engage Buzzkill only to be torn apart by his chest mounted lasers and arm cannon.  During this distraction the Atlas moved forward to engage Buzzkill while Linebacker was still behind the blocking terrain.  The Uziel moved out to cover Unsterblich's rear arc from a possible flank by Linebacker.  To their surprise Linebacker moved in fast and engaged both in base to base contact.  They teamed up and after exchanging multiple shots were able to heavily damage Linebacker.

But, Linebacker did not go easily, the heavy exchange of fire caused both Unsterblich and the Uziel damage.  During this exchange Buzzkill ran up behind Unsterblich and to the side of the Uziel.  Linebacker broke away and took off into the rear arcs of the Steiner mechs.  Taking advantage of the situation, Buzzkill blasted both Steiner mechs continually with his energy weapons. 

Upon the final blow when both Steiner mechs were salvaged we ended the battle.

We did not use any pilot abilities, just pilot stats.  Yes, it seems a little one sided, but the Steiner forces did have higher tonnage and point values.  They fought to the bitter end and managed to salvage Linebacker.
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Farewell Mechwarrior.  It seems that this game is near its final breath.  I know I will hold on to and cherish my collection, waiting until some day when I can teach my future kids how to play.  This was a fun game. 

I, myself have moved on to Battletech, both because it is finally available to me and there are no players for Dark Age.  Perhaps I will use the pieces to create an epic diorama or something.  I am glad I got to know this game.
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I'm glad too.
Your write ups were fun to quick read through.  And the pictures harken me to a time I had to plan armies and play them.
Ahh the fun games and times
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Thanks!  I'm glad you enjoyed reading the Battle Reports!