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Title: Flavor question- currency in use in St. Ives circa 3030?
Post by: StuartYee on 22 July 2014, 16:42:41
So St. Ives secedes from the Confederation rather suddenly at the end of the 4SW. What currency is in use in 3030?

I don't know how long it would take St. Ives to print their own currency (assuming they ever did...which I don't actually know).

I'm assuming the Confederation Yuan would have collapsed in value following their defeat in the 4SW. I presume most St. Ives citizens would have wanted to exchange the Yuan for other currencies or goods of a more stable value.

Being politically independent, the St. Ives government would likely have discouraged use of the Yuan in order cement economical independence from the Confederation. It's possible the St. Ives government would have stamped or otherwise marked Yuans still in circulation in the Compact to distinguish it from Confederation currency. This hypothetically would give the Compact its own temporary currency at a more stable value then the Confederation counterpart.

It's my understanding that Comstar currency, the C-Bill was not a commonly available form of currency among normal citizens of the compact. The rich, business elite, nobles, government officials, migratory mercenaries and the like would likely use C-Bills much to the awe of the common citizenry.

Aside from the possibility of specially stamped Yuans as a temporary common use currency, I imagine citizens would attempt to change to the Federated Suns Pound (assuming C-Bills are not available). Many seeing what was happening the Tikonov Free Republic might have incorrectly assumed the Fed Suns would be taking over. The Lyran Kroner would be another desired form of currency.

Okay, so those are my assumptions. Is there anything in canon on this? Any other thoughts.