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Title: How would you ...
Post by: Stormrider on 02 July 2018, 01:18:17
Hey folks, I'm running Deathknight69 thru another campaign.

His group has suffered some casualties. The question is: How would / do you incorporate artificial limbs into / onto to an existing character ?? What penalties / bonus'es do they get, have to incur, etc, etc.
Title: Re: How would you ...
Post by: guardiandashi on 02 July 2018, 01:57:09
with wounds that work out to lost limbs essentially they get all the disadvantages of a lost limb (until resolved) but they do not get the refunded XP that occurs if it happens prior to game play.

as far as replacement limbs take a look at the table on 119 it gives an idea what replacements are available, along with page ~315
you have simple type 1 prosthetics which are dirt cheap
type 2 useful ones that cost up to ~1000 cbills
type 3 useful standard which is roughly equivalent to the original and costs around 10,000
type 4 advanced somewhat better than the original in some ways
type 5 myomer which are better in some ways than even the type 4's but are restricted (mostly) to comstar
type 6 cloned replacements which are grafted on and totally eliminate the penalties, but are essentially clan only

then you have some bionic replacements and cosmetic upgrades the cosmetic enhancements add to the cost but make them appear to be natural rather than an obvious replacement.
Title: Re: How would you ...
Post by: BiggRigg42 on 02 July 2018, 11:41:33
It is also fun to look into the advanced implants and prosthetics on page 178 of the A time of War Companion. You can make cyborgs or do human/non-human gene splicing. There are prosthetic jaws, fangs, and tails--so much ridiculousness!
Title: Re: How would you ...
Post by: Maelwys on 02 July 2018, 12:46:59
You also need to look at pages 120 and 121 of Total Warfare and the Lost Limb trait (and the corresponding chart) to find out what the effects of the missing limbs are exactly. This depends on what's lost, and how much of it is lost.
Title: Re: How would you ...
Post by: Daryk on 03 July 2018, 18:04:33
I'd definitely go with the Companion prosthetics, assuming they can afford them (and the down time for the implant surgery and subsequent physical therapy).
Title: Re: How would you ...
Post by: Maelwys on 03 July 2018, 20:30:48
I'd go for whatever works for the game and the character. There's something to be said about a simple replacement rather than an upgrade.

You do probably want to check out the rules where not all of the implants remove the negative completely.
Title: Re: How would you ...
Post by: PreacherPatriot1776 on 03 July 2018, 20:43:21
Through role playing by having said characters talk with their doctors about getting replacement limbs. You can even introduce a payment plan that if they fail to keep the payments a group of repo-men show up to take the limb back forcibly.