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Title: Dark Caste PC
Post by: ragnar on 06 November 2018, 09:58:33
Hi all,

I need to some help! I want to create a Dark Caste PC to play in a Dark Age era game. However I am having a problem in interpreting the entry for the Dark Caste in the clan affiliations. To quote:

" Clan characters that fall into the castes (or sub-castes) described on p. 61 receive the following fixed XP. A Clanborn character that does not fit in any of these listed castes is considered Dark Caste and must choose the Pirate sub-affiliation under Affiliation: Independent (see p. 63) as if using the Changing Affiliations rule (see p. 53)."

The problem with this is that, if I am reading this correctly, instead of getting the individual Clan XP and Caste XP, a Dark Caste PC only gets half the XP for the sub-affiliation of Pirate, then the numbers don't even come close to adding up correctly (Still doesn't even if you don't halve the XP granted. Even if you interpret this as having to start out as a Clan PC from a Caste and then become Independent (Pirate) as if changing Affiliations, it doesn't help if you want to be born Dark Caste!

Any help would be useful!!!
Title: Re: Dark Caste PC
Post by: guardiandashi on 06 November 2018, 14:28:26
the way I look at it is you have choices on how to interpret it.
option 1 they went through clan modules as per normal, and then convert to dark caste /pirate at stage 4 career
option 2 you get to pick a clan phenotype, and then make the jump to dark cast at any life stage you choose.

if you go with the option 2 you could technically use IS lift paths instead of clan ones.
Title: Re: Dark Caste PC
Post by: truetanker on 13 November 2018, 00:25:12
I concur...

Go with Option 1, at least you don't have to change your skill set to much...

What your planning, free birth or canister borne?

Cause each has merits and problems of their own!

Title: Re: Dark Caste PC
Post by: Col Toda on 16 November 2018, 07:51:32
I would go with option 1 . Clan characters start at 18 and Inner Sphere at 21 . Gives more years to develop .
Title: Re: Dark Caste PC
Post by: BiggRigg42 on 22 March 2019, 17:26:33
I just came across a cool description of the Dark Cast in Interstellar Players. That may be a good source to check out. It gave me an idea on how to run a Cthulhu--ish one shot with the deep ones.