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Title: Advanced Warships
Post by: Korzon77 on 11 February 2019, 00:10:34
Warships are an odd duck-- there is virtually no change between the Dreadnought and the Mckenna class--oh different weapons, some better fire control, but on the whole?  Warship tech remains very static.

But that's odd, because the Hegemony was about it's warships, not about it's mechs. So what in general do you think the changes to warship tech would be like if they were reflected in the designs to show an advancing tech base?  What would a "cutting edge" hegemony warship look like compared to that old dreadnought--what additions would you make to the tech base.
Title: Re: Advanced Warships
Post by: Vition2 on 11 February 2019, 16:53:27
If I were to do this, I would overhaul some of the warship construction rules/options.  First would be the inclusion of intro/low-tech versions of most of the weapons, then add advanced/high-tech versions of the weapons (nlasers/nppcs might get a small damage boost overall, while ngauss might get better mass/damage ratios, and nacs maybe a slight range increase and more shell types, missiles would get different types, such as bomb-pumped lasers, EWAR, micro-munitions, etc.).  Fire control could be increased from 20 weapons to 25 per arc (or maybe only 22, but a bit of an increase none-the-less), potentially separate fire control systems for capital and non-capital scale weapons.  And more versions of armors to add additional versatility to protection factors.
Title: Re: Advanced Warships
Post by: skiltao on 13 February 2019, 16:20:52
Well, the Dreadnought should be smaller than a Vincent, for starters. The last time I looked at this I was considering a %tonnage tax based on year of introduction, with rebates for taking penalties to things like ergonomics, serviceability, "voyagibility," surveillance capabilities, etc.
Title: Re: Advanced Warships
Post by: I am Belch II on 18 February 2019, 13:07:31
Unfortally that Warship tech hasn't really been updated like the ground stuff.

I could see something like the Tech Levels like for support units. The same equipment just getting smaller and more efficient over the generations. A sub light engine drive maybe weighing 7% instead of the 6% weight. Maybe that is why all the huge cargo spaces in some of the ships. There wasn't as much until the refit.