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Title: BattleTech Historical: Brush Wars questions
Post by: Dubble_g on 24 February 2019, 04:59:19
I've been having some trouble reconciling the fluff text and deployment tables, as well as more generally wondering about the origin of Anton's 'Ducal Guard'. Is there any official source on either point:

1. Where the fluff and deployment tables contradict each other, (or the loyalist and rebel halves of the table conflict) which is correct?

e.g. Did the 15th Militia fight the 3rd on Berenson in October or November? Against who?
- loyalist table says the 15th successfully defended in October
- Reinforcing 31st also shown as arriving in October
- rebel table says the 4th ducal guards were on Berenson in October (but sustained no damage)
- 5th militia shown as being on Berenson in November, not October (shown as being on Sophie's World in October ... also isn't that a little far to travel in less than a month?)
- text says both regiments were on the planet at the same time

2. Is there an in-universe explanation on how Anton was able to assemble four (later eight) entire regiments "in secret"? In 3014 I think diverting the manpower and production to fill out such a force would have been easily detected, as it would have consumed a large percentage of the League's total output.
E.g. personal retinue directly recruited rather than made up of defecting elements from other regiments? Fluff text for the 3rd Guard says the unit was recruited from mercenaries, but what about the rest?