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Title: Trenchsweeper Heavy Hover APC
Post by: BloodRose on 28 April 2019, 21:45:34
Heavy Hover APC Trenchsweeper

Mass: 20 tons
Movement Type: Hover
Power Plant: Varies
Cruising Speed: 86.4 kph
Maximum Speed: 129.6 kph
Armor: Varies
     1 Machine Gun
     1 SRM 2
     2 Flamer (Vehicle)
Manufacturer: Varies
     Primary Factory: None
Communication System: Varies
Targeting & Tracking System: Unknown
Introduction Year: 2700
Tech Rating/Availability: E/X-C-C-C
Cost: 310,100 C-bills

As the name implies this is a tank designed to sweep enemy infantry from trenchworks, with fire as its broom. The Trenchsweeper carries two Vehicle Flamethrowers, one in each side. These are used when crossing the enemy lines, the Trenchsweeper will usually park over the enemy trench and fire its flamethrowers the length of them, turning a strong fortification into a charnel pit in seconds.
In its prow the Trenchsweeper mounts a MG fed by half a ton of ammunition to suppress the enemy as it approaches, and a SRM 2 with two 1 ton bins of ammunition. Usually the second bin is assigned to carry specialist missiles for the operation at hand.

Based on the Heavy APC chassis this is a variant designed for cleansing dug-in infantry from there trenches.The Trenchsweeper modification advances with the APC's until they reach engagement ranges and then advances with the infantry, providing close fire support and aiding in the breakthrough.

As with many modifications the Trenchsweeper's see use with many different factions, many whom use there own variant. The Dracons Combine particularly favours one which replaces the bow MG with a third flamethrower, turning it into a true nightmare machine.

A common modification, the Trenchsweeper has seen use since the later days of the Starleague, and now most factions use it as a cheap form of fire support.

Type: Heavy Hover APC
Technology Base: Inner Sphere (Introductory)
Movement Type: Hover
Tonnage: 20
Battle Value: 272

Equipment                                          Mass
Internal Structure                                    2
Engine                        75 ICE                  4
   Cruising MP: 8
   Flank MP: 12
Heat Sinks:                   0                       0
Control Equipment:                                  1.0
Lift Equipment:                                     2.0
Power Amplifier:                                    0.0
Armor Factor                  64                      4

                          Internal   Armor   
                          Structure  Value   
     Front                   2         24   
     R/L Side               2/2      15/15   
     Rear                    2         10   

and Ammo                      Location    Tonnage      
Flamer                          Left        0.5     
Machine Gun                    Front        0.5     
SRM 2                          Front        1.0     
Flamer                         Right        0.5     
Half Machine Gun Ammo (100)     Body        0.5     
Vehicle Flamer Ammo (40)        Body        2.0     
SRM 2 Ammo (100)                Body        2.0     
Title: Re: Trenchsweeper Heavy Hover APC
Post by: David CGB on 29 April 2019, 04:40:47
Nice idea, though it would fit in around 2nd Succession War very well, might want to change the intro date.
Title: Re: Trenchsweeper Heavy Hover APC
Post by: BloodRose on 29 April 2019, 09:56:08
Oops, my bad! Thanks for that.